Write emails in HTML and send them via Gmail

This tutorial will help you understand how you can create HTML emails, either by using the given WYSIWYG mode or by creating coding message emails in using CSS and HTML, and send them to your preferred address through a Google mail account.

Here’s one cool new HTML Mail application that helps you write and send emails through the Gmail API. You can log into your account on Gmail to begin composing a new email with the WYSIWYG editor, or in case you have no major issues with coding, you can write your email message in HTML and CSS straightaway using the HTML mode.

This HTML app sends email messages from your Gmail account as you normally do; however, unlike the previous versions of the mail app, the app does not require a complete access of your Google Account. Just by providing access permissions to compose and send Gmail messages on your behalf, it can serve your cause without reading a bit of something from your mailbox.

Write emails in HTML and send them via Gmail

The app is open-sourced; however, it is nothing like being suspicious about it since you can revoke its access from your Google Account at any time.

Why using the HTML Mail app can be a big plus for you

While you must be saying that Gmail itself provides an exquisite visual editor to compose emails, think of the big difference in your emailing experience when you will be having the power and ease of writing as well as styling your email messages right in HTML itself. For example, there is no away in Gmail as of now that you can use to enter tables in email messages; however, you can easily insert tables in your mails using the HTML Mail app, either use the code view to add <table> tag manually, or select the table tool option on the Toolbar.

Moreover, chances are scanty but just in case, you never know with technology, if Gmail website goes down anytime in future, for whatever time period, you will then be at least sending emails comfortably using the HTML Mail app.

In case you intend to use social media buttons or embed some pictures in your mail, you can sure do that by uploading them to any suitable web platform – and proving its URL to the designated “insert image” box in the HTML Mail app.

Should you complete creating a message in the HTML Mail application, fee it with the email address you wish to send the message to, along with a suitable subject for your email, and tap enter. The number of email messages you can send through the HTML Mail app is same as that in Gmail.


The app also offers a full screen option so that you can write your message in a distraction-free space.

The visual editor is powered by TinyMCE and a handful of CSS tweaks.