Why Must You Learn and Use Ubuntu Linux

benifits of unbuntu

Ubuntu the revolutionary style of computing

Ubuntu is a extensively popular open-source Linux distribution with eight years of maturity under its belt, and more than 20 million users 5 percent of desktop OSs accounted for by Linux, one survey suggests that 50%are Ubuntu. Fast, free and very easy to use, the Ubuntu operating system powers millions of home PCs, laptops and servers across.

Web browsing

web browsing

Ubuntu has everything you need to browse. You can choose other browsers as well like Google Chrome. With automatic security updates, anti-phishing technology and protection against viruses & malware, Ubuntu and Firefox help in securing your private information.

Office applications

Office applications

Now you can create spreadsheets, professional documents and presentations. LibreOffice is easy to use, full with the features and completely free. Ubuntu is well-matched with Microsoft Office which means you can open and edit files like documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, and share them with other users fast and easily.

Social and email

social and email

Ubuntu is full with apps for quick and easy communication. Empathy helps you join together your chat accounts. As for Thunderbird, one can access emails, address book and calendar. Stay up to date with friends and colleagues fast and easily. Dash message lens, keeps your micro blogging feeds in one place.

Music and mobile

Music and mobile

Ubuntu works with all common convenient music players, as well as Android phones and the iPhone and you can find all your tunes in the Ubuntu One Music Store.

Photos and videos

Photos and videos

Ubuntu has loads of apps to help enjoy, manage, edit and share your photos and videos — whatever you use to take them. With unbelievable support for cameras and phones, you won’t need any external drivers to get up and running.

Ubuntu Software Center gives you immediate admittance to thousands of games and applications  some free and some paid. You can also search for apps directly from the Dash. If you see something you like then install it in just a couple of clicks.

Ubuntu One

ubuntu one

Store your files on Ubuntu One and use them on all devices with instant 5GB space free. Cloud computing gives business quickness by freeing them from the need of individual servers. With the help ‘cloud’ of computing power users can respond faster to change and exploit opportunities as they arise.

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