Why and Who Should You Consider for Outsourcing Content Creation

“Content is King,” the statement fits right to every online entity. But, creating content that breathe life into your brand/ product or anything is hard.

There are an endless number of CMOs and businesses who lead their marketing campaigns and still strive consistently to create not only high-quality content, but come up with content that speaks to target audiences and achieves the predetermined organizational goals. While creating suitable content is indeed a forever task, it shouldn’t stop your team from creating and distributing it, or at least, seeing substantial returns from it.

This is where outsourcing content creation service saves you from the doom. Outsourcing content creation and content marketing is an ideal solution for business-to-business (B2B) marketers across the online platform. According to Content Marketing Institute, on an average up to 44 percent of B2B marketers outsource content creation at some point of their business and around 57 percent of B2B technology marketers outsource the related services, including content writing, editing, design, and distribution efforts as well.

After it’s already clear as to why a business should go for outsourcing content creation, it’s time you go through the real time benefits of the service. Outsourcing content creation is a necessity when you are trying to establish yourself among the audience. Content is the language of your brand that reaches people.

Outsourcing content from the experts who specializes in the niche you are looking for can result in unconventional benefits and here’s the list of some top ones.

1) Scaled efforts, optimized cost

Contrary to building an in-house team of content where you risk hiring writers forcefully instead of scaling your efforts or making major layoffs to scale down; outsourcing content to a trustworthy agency renders your ability to scale by budget. It ignores the questionable factors of team’s time or personnel resources and provides you the required content within the stipulated budget.

As a result, your ability to scale is limited by cost and for a fast-growing startup (which are obviously ever-day increasing), this factors counts too helpful.

2) Custom technology to empower your team

When you outsource a content creation agency which is dedicated to effective and collaborative content creation and management, it implies that you get access to that agency’s tools instead of using the general software that doesn’t fulfil your particular needs. It meanwhile saves efforts of building your own tech, which in turn demands significant time, talent, and finance of course.

3) Time- and money-efficient

Doesn’t matter how much reliable and creative your marketing team is, if it’s already engaged in

10 other marketing projects; the content creation, management, and distribution won’t be as timely, efficient, and result-oriented as an outsourced firm specialized in the professional could offer. If you are in a time crunch, you can consider using a knowledge management template to streamline your company’s content creation practices.

Now that you are well-versed with the importance of outsourcing content services, it’s high time you get familiar with the types of agency relationships to help you decide what you actually need to make productive outsourced content marketing for your team.

Have a look:

The curator. Content curators do not create content, instead, they simply collect, organize, and then deliver published content relevant for your audience and needs to help grow a user-base. In general, curators deliver content targeted on social platforms, email and blog newsletter on a weekly or monthly basis. In simple words, such content is already published in online publications and might be bit tweaked to suit your branding strategies. It’s not unique, by-lined, or exclusive to you, yet it does fulfil your need for relevant content at instance.

The implementer. Implementers are content creators who understand your documented strategy and then execute the same in content. It generally represents the network of freelance writers who come up with articles based on your parameters, like cost, topic, quality, keywords, and time. It proves to be a decent option for companies in search of churning high quantities of average-quality content in less time.

The partner. Lastly, content marketing partners are more like the customized content source for you. They handle everything from content creation strategy development, editing, publishing, distribution, and analysis. Content creation partners act more like true partners in your entire team’s marketing efforts. Agencies who offer such services often assign a dedicated team of account managers, content marketers, content strategists, writers and editors who work in tandem to understand your company, its audience, and your goals. This way, they create content in full collaboration with you.


While outsourcing content from a partnership agency is the best option possible to get maximum productivity, other options might also prove feasible and useful enough if you are not looking for an all-in-one outsourcing solution for content creation.