Have you ever seen a shooting star, I guess you would have seen it. A shooting star is a star which will be in front of your eyes for few seconds and then it will disappear. Why I am telling you this story because i have seen things with my naked eyes and I have feel the pain that you people have not faced at all.


But here is a story of Xiaomi which is known as an “Apple of china” and now sooner or later it will be known as “Apple of India too” The shooting star here in my story is Xiaomi and the wish that i made in front of it is that will I get Redmi 1s.

Why I want to purchase Redmi 1s ?

Yaa, its a good question but I have already explained this on my previous article if you want to know why it is famous and why so many people are stepping forward to purchase it then you have to look at this article for sure.

So, here goes my story and what I have learned from it.

I saw Redmi 1s and at once I liked that set. Its wonderful set for very cheap. I want to use that mobile for only 2 reasons that I want for my use.

1. This is a dual sim mobile phone and with 64 GB External storage memory card slot.

2. It has amazing features which you cannot get in such a cheap price of Rs 5999.

I wanted to purchase it and registered for it as its only available in a single store which is “Flipkart”. So I have registered for it around 29th of August. So I thought it was easy for me to get it and today on 2nd September I waited for 2 o’clock, it came and Redmi is out of stock within fraction of seconds. It was like a shooting star.

But what I have learned from this story?

If you want to purchase this set then you must be very active and now i will give you some tips how you can book this mobile on very next sale. That is what I have learned from my own story. I will tell you five most important tips that you have to follow in order to get Redmi 1s.

1. Registration: If you ever want to get these awesome phone then then you have to pre-register on the very first day of the sale. Since the sale will last for few seconds but it is on the basis of first come first serve basis. The next sale has already begin and please register it in flipkart or Amazon.

2. Timings: This is a major point since every set last for few seconds so if you want to purchase it, then you must know when is the next sale is going to take place. Usually it starts at 2 PM Indian Standard Time. I have noticed that if you register on first come first serve basis then your timings would differ from other person and in that case you will get benefit.

3. Internet Connectivity: I have seen many people can’t book as they don’t have good internet speed. So before booking it, you should ensure that you have a good speed.

4. Login: Before booking you must ensure that you are login from different different systems, so that if on one server there is heavy load you can get other system and there you can login easily and book your smartphone. You can also login from mobile app and try to book.

5. Refresh: If i am not mistaken, I was not able to book as the web page was not loading for me properly, so you should press F5 button on windows and for mac users they should press cmd+R.

redmi 2

So it was a story of me and I was not successful at all but I have learned things very well, that is why I have written an article too.

But remember “patience is the key to success” whenever you will book either page will not open or you will press buttons continuously. You will get the beautiful product as I know you are all winner. Tell me your story if you have purchased this smartphone?