How to use Quick Look on Mac to preview live websites

Mac OS X users will be on their toes to hear that your preferred operating system has a built-in resourceful feature dubbed Quick Look that comes handy in viewing the content of a file without actually running the application associated with that file.

Al you need to do is:

  • Select any file on the desktop (or inside Finder)
  • Hit Spacebar to activate Quick Look

Quick Look for Mac OS X supports preview functionality for all common file formats, including pdfs, Office documents, videos, images, zip archives, and many, many more.

Here’s all you need to know about Quick Look; a simple yet terrific Mac OS X feature that helps you quickly sneak a preview of any web page without actually opening a web browser.

However, there’s much more to Quick Look than mere previewing files stored locally on your device; it can also help you view live web sites without actually launching a web browser to do so. Here’s what you need to do: use your browser for making a shortcut file for the web page you fancy previewing, and save it on your Mac desktop. Well, that is it, you can then easily get a preview of that website using Quick Preview.

This Quick Preview feature can come handy in ways more than one: for example, if you are in a custom of checking some blog or web site for latest updates, simple store a shortcut for that on your Mac desktop and use it to check the site instantly for new content updates. Another interesting use of Quick Preview is to create a shortcut for your favorite YouTube playlist to anytime watch videos without opening your web browser.

While using Chrome, Safari or any other leading browser on your Mac, drag the website URL to the desktop to create a shortcut that will create a webloc file on your desktop. Just select the file and hit spacebar to preview the content within the source website using Quick Looks.

Quick Looks creates a fresh browsing session to provide you the preview of a web page, without using any existing browser cache or cookie to ensure the web site regards you as a new visitor and shows you the most up-to-the-minute version of the content online. Though all the images and the CSS is loaded perfectly, the Quick Preview feature disables any scripts available on the web page.

What’s the content of a .WEBLOC file!

The piece of code within a .webloc file that you store on your desktop (as discussed above) as a shortcut to any web page is basically text as an XML code. The string value within the XML file can easily be replaced for the file to point to some other web page.

Use Quick Look on Mac to Preview Live Websites

What time you drop a shortcut for any web page on the desktop, it create a .webloc file which is nothing more than a text (XML) file. You can replace the string value to make that shortcut to point to any other webpage. For example, below is a simple .webloc file pointing to Geeker Magazine.