Top Secret Delay Factors of the Launch of Apple iWatch

It is already known to all which is  informed you the tech news site Re/code spreads the rumor about Apple’s  iwatch.  Apple will unveil the much-hyped iWatch on September 9. They are now claiming the wearable device won’t be available in the market till early 2015.

Top Secret Delay Factors of the Launch of Apple iWatch

Apple’s iwatch

You may wonder why Apple will want to wait when users are already having their fingers crossed. The reason according to Re/code is apps. But before we delve deep, let’s have a look at what John Paczkowski of Re/code really said.

He wrote on the website “It’s going to be a while before anyone is actually wearing it. Sources in position to know tell me it won’t arrive at market for a few months.” Then he again wrote “So when does Apple plan to ship its eagerly anticipated wearable? That’s not clear, but my understanding is that we’re unlikely to see it at retail until after the holiday season — think early 2015.” Question is how credible Paczkowski is.

He has undoubtedly been credible. In the past he made various predictions on Apple’s the then upcoming launches. And majority of his predictions turned true. So is the same thing going to happen this time also? That we don’t know for sure but we can at least try to speculate.

Let’s go back in time. When Apple showcased the iPhone, the sale began after few months from the date of unveiling. The same thing happened for iPad. Since iWatch will be the first wearable device launched by Apple, Paczkowski believes Apple will repeat the aforesaid norm.

The skeptics might challenge Paczkowski that Apple won’t follow a trend just for the sake of following it. Is there any compelling factor to purposefully delay the release of iWatch. Truth is there is.

In July 2008, iOS app store was introduced by Apple for the first time. Users were amazed to get access to a plethora of third party apps which made iOS experience somewhat special. The very same factor might play out in case of iWatch too.

If Apple launched iWatch in mid or late October, there won’t enough time for third party developers to reconfigure their apps for iWatch. Since iWatch will be unveiled for the first time on Sept 9, developers will only get a month or so. They want more time.

We need to bear in mind the third party app pool for iWatch will be pretty much huge. The HealthKit software on iOS 8 will track every health detail of users. A users will only have to wear iWatch around his wrist and his heart rate, pulse rate, exercise record and how much he is sweating, all will be recorded.

Since HealthKit will collect data from third party apps, many health and fitness app developers have exclusively targeted HealthKit and subsequently, iWatch app store will be full of exciting apps. If there’s a gap of four to six months between iWatch unveiling and launch, developers will get plenty of time show their finesse in developing mind-boggling applications for iWatch.

This sounds telling. We can give Paczkowski a benefit of doubt. Having said that, time has all the answers. In time we’ll know whether or not Paczkowski’s claims are true.