Top Following Methods for Travelling Geeks to meet Traveller Singles on Broad

Travelling may be a daunting prospect for many people around the globe. Does not it get lonely, yes it gets? It is not possible to reply all concerns about forlorn solitude on the road inland or abroad as there is a simple truth of a nomad’s life such there are always other solo travellers can be found every where. Awesome feelings to meet these awesome people may be half of the reason to travel around the globe. Geeks are feeling more excited because the seemingly random roads often bring to the very people those are need the most for travellers. Geekermagazine tries to describe some top methods to interact with single travellers in this article particularly women or girls travellers.

Top Following Methods for Travelling Geeks

1. Instant Insatiable Reader:

Reading may be the best way to pass boring or resting times for maximum geeks and this habit might be a perfect sign for insatiable reader. Normally, if some one wants to start conversation with such readers who used to read about the country’s political history.


Simply spot her browsing at the bargain book-store or reading by the lake in sense drawing mode.Honestly, she might seem unapproachable but she will be delighted to talk with onlooker speaker about books and related matters.

2. Definite Solo Traveller:

A large number of women or girls like to travel with an enviable conviction to do it alone  as they will mingle, dine and may be take short boat-trips with other travellers any where any time with their own target orientation.


Approaching such travellers tough as they are winding down like when they are parking her rental bicycle on street.So, direct to the point approach is the best for them such “Do you want to boat trip?”

4. Localized Adventure Guide:

There are lots of young ladies can be found as localized adventure guide every where as they are leading a group of tourists, confident and vivacious on their duty. They are not only strong and enigmatic but also world citizen those are having lived and worked in many countries and people on every season.


Approaching such people (specially women) is not tough as their job requires them to be approachable and easily talk to them about any matter or reason.

5. Mysterious travellers:

It can be found lots of mysterious travellers those never want to disclose them to others as they are simply escaped from family burdens for few days or month and live lonely life.


However,  they are  travelling the world to escape their lives back homes or offices. There is very little chance to interact such people (girls) but situation can make it effortlessly in special ground as enjoying her trust first.

6. Concious Mummy:

There might be lots of mothers, those  are travelling with their little kids, so they are technically not solo traveller by a long duration or distances. That is the reason for which they want to meet more people with in the short period. The simplest  way to reach closer to her own age and start talking about her travel experiences over the yeras.


It is better to start conversion with her small kid first and latter it will extend to the mother to be a nice guy and offer to help and get the conversation started instantly.

7.  Instagramophile Traveller:

Taking picture become a fashion of every traveller, so maximum lonely travellers want some one to capture their memorable moments should be captured by some one. Hence, they are social and easy on the conversation front with on lookers.


Simply spot them trying to get the perfect shot of their dinner  or any important scenarios around them which can easily bring them on right conversation.

Editor’s Note: Conservation with unknown and strange is the best reason to travel among the nations, so be patient and confident your goal will come to target orientation.  [ Image source: Geek Travel Journal ]