Top 4 Apps To Uninstall Programs on Mac

There’s no doubt to the fact that Mac OS X is one of the most powerful platforms to work with different programs and tools. The platform lets you easily download and install any application from the dedicated Mac Store. All you require to install an application is to download it from the App Store and install it. The installed application is automatically dropped to the Application folder of the system, from where it can be invoked whenever you may feel like using it.

All the data related to an application or program is, apparently, hidden from the user. However, you can do the following to see the data associated with the application:

  • Go to Application folder
  • Right-click on the app whose package you wish to see
  • Click on the Show Package Contents to acces the hidden files used by the application

Like the ease in installation, Mac OS X also allows you to effortlessly uninstall a program by simply dragging and dropping it to the Trash. Unlike Windows, in which you have to visit the Control Panel then to Add or Remove Programs and so on; Mac OS X offers a single-step uninstallation.

The uninstallation often goes smooth and all the data related to the application is deleted. However, problem arises when the application stores some data files in other locations of your Mac storage. One such location is the Preferences folder. The folder is located inside another folder dubbed Library. Files present at such location and other locations stay behind even if the associated application is uninstalled.

To uninstall such applications from your Mac system, you need to use third-party apps for the purpose. Though there are several apps available for the purpose, we’ve shortlisted the following utilities as the 4 best app-removal programs for Mac OS X:

1. AppCleaner

AppCleaner is a free-of-cost Mac app uninstaller. The utility is the most popular as the no. 1 trusted tool for removing all the left-over files of apps you’ve uninstalled.

The app is very lightweight and works amazingly fast. With AppCleaner, all you need to do is to drag and drop the app you wish to uninstall onto its icon. Thereafter, the app-removing utility will itself start the uninstallation process. Unlike Mac’s original uninstallation algorithm which only finds and delete files from the Application folder, AppCleaner’s smart algorithm locates files associated with the program at other locations too and help remove them to ensure a complete uninstallation.

The app-removal utility comes with a remarkable feature set and also helps in the uninstallation of widgets as well as plugins. Moreover, the tool updates itself whenever a newer version is available.

2. AppZapper

AppZapper is no.2 on the list of best app-removal utilities. The tool has a pretty interface and is easy to use. It provides a better filtering system to find all the left-overs of an app. The software is priced at $13, which is a bit over as it doesn’t have anything fancier than good looks and a more accurate filtration system.

You can use AppZapper if you don’t wish to use AppCleaner for removing apps from your Mac or AppCleaner isn’t able to remove some program completely from your system. With a price of $13, AppZapper provides customer support which lets you reach out for help via email, text, or call in the case you aren’t able to remove applications with it.

3. AppDelete

AppDelete has a very much similar interface as that featured by AppCleaner. The utility has a rich feature set. With the tool, you can search for left-overs files associated to programs that you’ve already uninstalled from your system. The program can be used as a hidden app so as to turn on trash monitoring, somewhat like SmartDelete feature offered by AppCleaner.

The app-removing tool costs around $8 and offers you the privilege to remove apps via Mac OS X Services menu.

4. CleanApp

CleanApp costs about $15. The utility does more than just help you in removing apps from your system. The tool can also be used to find and eliminate all the unused files present in you system’s storage. Moreover, the program provides support for drag-and-drop app uninstallation.

CleanApp is the best option to remove stubborn apps which are not completely removed by other uninstallation programs.

So, these were the best Mac OS X app-removal utilities which you can use to make sure that no left-over files associated with a program remain in your system once you uninstall it.