Top 35 websites must check daily to keep your knowledge updated

The world has become a global village by the grace of World Wide Web. Internet has become a household name around the globe as people check internet for any information they are searching. Our technical team has carried a research on most important information resource in the web. Our team members has decided to short-list of the most essential websites among millions of websites those are needed for common users. Here is the updated short-list:

Top 35 websites must check daily to keep your knowledge updated

Top 35 websites must check daily to keep your knowledge updated

Top 35 websites must check daily to keep your knowledge updated

1. Wikipedia: One of the biggest and free online encyclopaedia which is a quick reference guide for everything built collaboratively by common people.

2. TED: It is one of the high rated talk show website which produces inspiring talks and presentations by successful people on various topics and profession and includes them in this site.

3. Google News: It is an automatic news collection web service from Google Inc as it collects breaking news articles from popular news sources and sorts them by topic and popularity for users.

4. Gmail: It is one of the best online email service from Google Inc. It has Lots of useful features and extremely fast and secure.

5. Tumblr: It is one of the easiest way to share own thoughts as blog post. It allows to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio and more interestingly users can set their blog posts to public or private modes any time from anywhere.

6. Youtube: It is another video hosting service from Google Inc. It allows to publish any kind of videos (except hatred and adult). More interestingly it allows any user to embed the video code to show any other website.

7. IMDB: It is the most popular online information source for movies around the globe. It allows the users to rate, reviews, comment and watch any movie on their database.

8. Netflix: It one of the most updated TV shows service provider as any member can instantly watch unlimited movies & TV episodes with a few bucks as subscription charge.

9. Hulu: It is a on demand TV shows streaming website which also provide on demand movies too. Any US citizen can access unlimited data by paying a few cents.

10. iTune store: It is a massive online store for smartphone lovers as it has the music, the movies, the TV shows, the apps, the games and even the audiobooks too and  mobile internet users can easily get them as their desire.

11. Pandora: It is a online radio service provider as any user can listen any song from any where by simply searching song title or artist or genre or any individual character of asking song.

12. Spotify: It is large database of songs as any one can listen their song by download free Spotify player from their website and auto loaded songs. It allows users to create unlimited playlists.

13. It keeps updated record of what users have listened to on computer or iPod from the site. Then site recommends songs based on users’ desire and browsing history.

14. Vimeo: It is a Video-streaming website for creative people on their interest and project works.

15. Reddit: It allows users to share cool and interesting news sources from the web or any source. It allows users to submit and vote on their news items.

16. Livestation: It allows users to watch 100+ top international news channels online for free as  they have desktop and mobile watching facilities too.

17. Mashable: It is a social news website site for technology stuff or anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity around the globe.

18. Aljazeera: It may be the highest watching news website around globe as it covers news from US, UK, Middle East, Asia, Africa or any where in the world.

19. JimmyR: This website provides  the current happenings  and popular on the web on a single page as it includes all every thing from technology to entertainment with video facility.

20. Dailymotion: It allows the users to create own verified channel where daily Rotation provides users with headlines from those channel creators.

21. Amazon: One of the biggest shopping portal in the world as users can buy and sell everything from electronics to clothing at affordable prices.

22. Etsy: It is a primary online marketplace for handmade or vintage items as the items cover a wide range such as art, photography, clothing, jewelry and many more.

23. Paypal: It is the most trusted and popular online payment system which covers 195 countries around the globe. Paypal 350 million users around the world according to their official notification.

24. Craigslist: It is one of the terribly-designed and mind-blowing useful classifieds site as it covers every thing of our daily lives.

25. Evernote: One of the best website for audio and video calling for free and paid version. They also allow mobile app via which user can call any one from any where.

26. Remember the milk: It is one of the very first and leading online to-do list manager website where users can store and manage tasks. More interestingly, it allows email and SMS reminder facilities.

27. Khan academy: One of the online educational website which has a library of over 31000 quality educational videos on various subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology, test preparations and many more.

28. Quora: This website allows users to ask any question and reply any one’s question. It also allows user to write own blog posts on their website.

29. Stack overflow:  It is also a question and answer website for IT professional and enthusiast programmers around the globe. It is a free and no need to registration for using the site.

30. Groupon: It is a shopping website with the facility of Cool deal-of-the-day as it features discounted gift certificates and coupons  for their users.

31. Yelp:  It is a local business listing and finding website. This website offers to add any local business for free such as restaurants, bars, shops and many more. More interestingly, they allow users to review their listed services.

32. Goodreads: It may be the largest social network for book  lovers and book enthusiasts. Users can track and review any book from this site even it allows users to buy their desire book from affiliated third party providers.

33. Yahoo finance:  It is a yahoo provided service which allows users to browse top financial news and research websites. The site also offers some hosted tools for personal finance management for their users.

35. eBay: It is another top rated shopping portal where any legal thing can sell or buy with affordable price. It covers almost all countries around the globe.

35. CNET Download: It is one of the top rated updated software download resource on the web as it provides review of any old or new software comes to market. It allows users to browse software  as their desire category or topic. It provides free and commercial software legally to their users.

Our final thoughts:

We have tried our best to list these top rated essential websites but we don’t guaranteed as it is the best list. However, we can say that this list of website easily make your knowledge more updated. If we have missed any essential website(s), then write in comment box for future update.