Top 12 Microsoft Free Windows 10 HD Themes

Not liking default Windows 10 Theme ? Want to try some new Microsoft Free Windows 10 HD Themes. With the invention of the Windows 10, we become more digital and our lifestyle. It cannot stay out of reach to the masses and its usability and functionality. If you have done with installing of the Windows 10 on your devices then you must be indulged in searching for the best theme for your Windows 10 desktop. Get the superb 12 best themes for Windows 10 HD for free for having more option than the default theme.

Noteworthy Point:
All the theme we have are Microsoft Theme. Never use third party themes in Windows 10 as it may cause issue to your PC or tablet or to your laptop.

1. FootpathsFootpaths+themeFootpaths is the most demanding themes as it is stunning in look. This HD themes for Windows 10 will be great and offers great visibility and brightness to the desktop. The greenery effect and charm of this theme is incredible so you can download it to have good view.

2. FerrariFerrari+themeThere are various people who choose automobile for their theme picture. The availability of different colored Ferrari is in white, red and black. It is upto you, which color you like most. This sports car HD theme for Windows 10 can be downloaded for free.

3. Aurora BorealisAurora+Borealis+themeThis conventional animated theme that is absolutely demonstrating the greenery environment with the tranquil presentation of cloud and snow is making the design more desirable. Aurora Borealis is layered with amazing mountains in the lap of greenery and the snow with water is making it picture perfect. Once you will see it you cannot stop yourself installing it.

4. Perspectives of JapanPerspectives+of+Japan+themeThe beauty of Japan is not unknown to anyone. This becomes more wonderful in looking with the HD effect. This picture is consists of colorful building and the few popular venue of the Japan. The visual effect and feel of the images is having a detailing animation and make it look so natural. Superb option for you, download it now.

5. Caribbean ShoresCaribbean Shores themeThis scene picture is looking so magical and gives you feeling of optimism. It reflects the natural and colorful beauty. The collection is wide as you can avail yourself flower theme and sceneries also. You can check other related themes along with this. Install it free.

6. MegamindMegamind+themeThis theme sports the cartoon and Megamind characters. This theme will be great option for your children’s PC. Your desktop will explore humorous effect so your children will be going to love it. Install it from them and for their interest.

7. Color SplashColor Splash themeColor Splash is stunning in look and seems that you are capturing the moving picture. The colorful effect makes you feel so lively and delighted from inside every time. So installing it will favor you all the way to create splendid and apparent vision.

8. DucatiDucati themeThe bike lover will surely install this theme as it is making your desktop attractive and adorable. Ducati will make the icon more visible so using this theme for your desktop will be superb choice from your side. This theme is available in red, white and black.  You can also try the Ducati 2.

9. Autumn BountyAutumn Bounty themeThe bounty collection is amazing and keeps you at the company of colorful fruit, vegetables and tempting cakes or muffins. It will be eye candy for you whenever you encounter your spicy desktop. This looks beautiful and appealing on your desktop.

10. Echoes of the PastEchoes of the Past themeThe echoes of the past are having collection of vintage stuff. That vintage collection images is priceless and rarefound. This theme is sober in choice and keeps you in peaceful state.

11. African WildlifeAfrican Wildlife themeIf you have love for animals then this option will be great for themes in Windows 10. You can install it free and the lion is having reflection of the sun is impeccable. The golden picture effect makes your desktop quite pretty.

12. Subtle DetailsSubtle DetailsThe detailing effect this HD theme cannot spare to impress you. The crystal clear water fall and the vision of the every single drop bestow the great look. The water sprouting and fountain theme is so clear and the focus is everywhere. It is nurtured with dedication and will fascinate you surely with this theme. Install it for having the droplets crystallization vision in your desktop.

Final Words
Hope you liked my collection of top 12 free HD Windows 10 HD themes. You can install the theme as per your choice, mood and time. All the significant themes are free and available on Microsoft websites. Grab your choice and test in terms of well articulated theme.