Top 10 Tricks To Save Your Eyes From SmartPhones Strain

Are you eyes get red after working on computer or using smartphone ? We are all slaves to smart phones and spend maximum amount of time on it which adversely affect eyes and causes eyes strain. Many doctors and other people around will ask us multiple of times to spend less time on smart phones but we can’t stay away from it as we are all addicted to it and has become obsession. So eyes strain has become a huge issue.

We are always going to strain our eyes while using smart phones but there are ways to reduce or avoid eye strain problem. So we need to learn various methods or tricks that can help avoid or reducing eye strain.

Adjust Screen brightness:increase brightness

Improper Screen brightness is one of the major reasons for eye strain and further causes insomnia at night.  To avoid screen brightness issue, you can go to smart phone settings and adjust your handset display and brightness as per your environment.  But avoid using smart phones for long time in dark or pitch black rooms or in sunlight. Many smart phones have built in feature to control brightness automatically. You can customize your setting to auto brightness to control this problem to a decent level.

There are number of smart phone apps like Lux Lite, Twilight, Blue Light Filter for Eye Care,  Easy Eyes Free, Velis Auto Brightness that help in automatically adjusting the screen brightness to reduce eyes strain. These are very useful smart phone apps that are easy to install and reliable.

Take short breaks:

Continuously looking at smart phone screens also causes eyes strain. Frequent short breaks from smart phone screen can reduce the eyes strain problem to certain extents. There is also one technique called 20-20-20 break which is being followed by many people who are suffering or suffered from eyes strain. As per 20-20-20 break, one has to take a break after every 20 minutes by looking at 20 ft away object for 20 seconds.  There are apps available for 20-20-20 break which helps you remind that you have to take a break after every 20 minutes of continuously using phone display.

Enlarge the font and icon size:
increase icon sizeincrease font size iphone









Small text or font size on phone screen is one of the major reasons for eyes strain as few people have eye sight problem and they have to focus more on screen to see the text on smart phones small screen.  Increasing the font size of your smart phone will help on avoiding eyes strain.

Blink more

We may not have noticed, but most of the times we keep looking on screen continuously that we forget to blink normally and this cause dry eyes or red eyes and thus eyes strain. So try to blink more while using smart phones.

Hold phone at a distance from eye

We have a habit of using phone so close to eye level that causes eye strain and we never notice this. So try to use your phone at a safe distance of 15 inches from your eyes or at a comfortable distance from eyes

Use anti reflective coating

To reduce eye strain, one can buy anti reflective coatings or screens for your smart phones that help reduce eye strain. They are quiet cheap and are available at local mobile stores in different varieties.

Background color

Bright background and contrast colors also causes huge eye strain problem. Try to use gray or other colors and contrast for background that gives relief to eyes.

Clean screen regularly

Try to keep your smart phone screen clean by routinely with dry clothes to removes dust, finger prints, and smudges or other grimes. This will help you to focus more on screen without straining your eyes.

Matte screen protecting films: Matt screen protecting films are another option to use like anti reflective coatings. This is easy and inexpensive and available at your nearest local mobile stores in various varieties.

Good resolution screen: High definition smart phone screen causes less eye strain as compare to normal phones screen. So try to use good smart phones with good screen resolutions.

So these are few tips and tricks that you can use to avoid or reduce eye strain but you have to eat eye healthy foods or include your diet with food that helps your eyes.