Top 10 Tips to Surf the Web

Ever since Internet has made its way into our lives, it has become an inseparable part. Surfing web is like enjoying any other thing which you find fancy. However, you don’t wanna do it in the most difficult way possible. Instead, you can get yourself acquainted with the following surfing tips and tricks to make your web surfing more fun and easier than ever. So, let’s make this part of our life more fruitful and efficient by following these simple tips and tricks. Here we go:

No.1 – Accidentally closed your tab. Don’t worry, there’s a way around

Looking for something amazing on the web and suddenly…you unintentionally closed your browser tab. Worry not, as you can easily reopen the tab and continue what you were doing before the tab accidentally closed. For reopening an unwittingly closed tab, press Control+Shift+T in Windows and Command+Shift+T in OS X.

No.2 – Make use of incognito mode and open two Google accounts simultaneously

One account for all of Google! A few years ago, Google introduced the innovative feature which lets you use only one account (Gmail) to access services that Google has to offer. Whether it’s the Google Drive, Google+, YouTube, or anything Google; you only need to have only a single Gmail account. Many people do have multiple Gmail accounts and chances are that you also have. If you want to log into both the accounts simultaneously, simply open the other one in an incognito window (private window in Firefox) in Google Chrome. Use Command+Shift+N to instantaneously open an incognito/private window.

No.3 – Why remember passwords when you have Password Managers

With the ever growing world of Web, there are numerous sign-ups and passwords. Remembering and recalling passwords can get messy to mess with especially, when you have dozens of them. At such time, it’s more than convenient to use Password Managers. Password Managers work as a plugin for your browser, which can autofill passwords for you. Some of the most popular Password Managers are LastPass, Mitro and 1Password.

No.4 – Never again lose an interesting page by using search function site

When you are browsing deep in to a website, you may find something interesting or useful or both, which you would like to share with someone or somehow make use of it. However later when you try to look for the same page, you aren’t able to find it. What then? For this, you can use the search operator i.e. Type the search operator in Google Search to filter out results only from the specific website you’re looking for.

No.5 – Save space by not entering the name of a bookmark, let the icon do the identification

It happens with me most of the time and I am pretty sure it happens with you too. You surf the web, find some interesting page and quickly, you bookmark it. Though there is enough space for several bookmarks in the Bookmark bar, it can get crowded if you’re a hardcore Bookmarker like I’m. In such a case, you can save space by leaving the title field empty while saving a bookmark. As a bookmark is always saved with the website’s icon, there is practically no need of adding it with a title.

No.6 – Adblock is here for removing all the annoying ads

Most of the websites offer ads and most of these ads are useless. Other than eating up the speed of your net connection, ads can also get you screwed up at times. If you’re infuriated by these useless pieces of code then you can simply install the Adblock plugin. The popular ad blocking utility disables all the ads from the webpages you visit and lets you enjoy website surfing without those eyebrow-frowning advertisements.

No.7 – Hover on links to know their destination

Several hyperlinks in the webpages can redirect you to somewhere you don’t want to be. To get an idea about where a hyperlink will take you, simply hover the cursor on that particular hyperlink. The target link (the one you will visit after clicking on it) will be displayed in the bottom left corner of your browser screen.

No.8 – Hold down the Control/Command key while opening a link to open it in a new tab

You can quickly open a link in a new tab by using Control key in Windows and Command key in OS X. To open a link directly in a new tab, press and hold the respective key (as per your OS) and then, click on the link you wish to open in a new tab.

No.9 – Select a term or phrase you want to search, right click and select “search in Google.”

While surfing on the Web, you come across something that looks interesting yet you don’t know much about it. Instead of opening a new tab and start searching for the term/phrase in Google, you can directly open it in Google Search. For doing so,

  • Select the term/phrase
  • Right click on it
  • Select search in Google

That’s all. Google will give you the results in a new tab.

No.10 – Use Alexa to know how good the website you’ve visited is actually

The Web contains billions of websites. So, how can you check that the website you’ve currently visited is good enough? You can do so by using the trusted Website Indexing service, Alexa. Either go to and enter the website you wish to enquire for or else, download and install the Alexa plugin to have an insight about the Website each time you visit a Webpage.

Have fun!