Top 10 Secret tips for setting up new computer or laptop

When you installed new operating system into computer. Every administrator wants to apply some settings in newly install window. All setting which is recommended, I will show below. Which make your computer secure and ready for work. Basically mostly people are not focus on newly install window. He started work directly install windows.

Top 10 Secret tips for setting up new computer or laptop

Top 10 Secret tips for setting up new computer or laptop

If you’re anything like us, once you’ve installed a new operating system or bought a new PC, you start out organizing files and documents with the best of intentions. But before long your Windows Desktop becomes your de facto filing cabinet, peppered with shortcuts, frequently used spreadsheets, random photos, and abandoned detritus. The easy way to access that debris field to find something—the Windows key + D combination, which minimizes all Windows for a clear view of the desktop—is a helper that most of us know. But in corporate computer system you should need to apply some setting before working, inside this tutorial you can find secrete 10 tips for setting up new computer.

1) Change your computer name

This is first step for newly install system settings, if you don’t know how to rename new computer then check another post how to change your computer name step by step.

2) Assign IP address in computer

After successfully change your computer name, time to assign static or dynamic IP address. If you have DHCP server environment then can get IP address by help of DHCP server. If you want to assign static IP address in your computer.

3) Update your latest install windows

Set your computer update setting your according, you can check manually update setting

4) Update firewall settings

Before start working and add your computer in network, you should check your computer firewall setting.

5) Install hardware specific drivers

Install all updated driver into your hardware. because when you worked on computer, many time you need hardware specific work. if you not install your hardware driver into your computer you can not perform work.

6) Install latest antivirus

This is important section, make your system safe then you should need latest updated antivirus which make your computer safe work station and remove attacks and virus.

7) Only install specific application which you need

Always install only needed application, not install unnecessary application which make your computer slow and increase attack risk.

8) Activate your windows license version

For security purpose always update your operating system, if you have valid licence then you can update latest releases. if you not have then you should buy licence for latest update.

9) Optimize your services for prevent computer slowness.

Basically you can optimize your computer service manually or by software, various service optimization software are available. you can download any one and install. if you want to optimize your computer service manually.

10) Use any one computer optimize software

Always optimize your system, which make your computer faster and secure, prevent slowness, in software market various free software are available which provide you free service.

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