Top 10 Paypal Alternatives to make Online Transaction Fast

paypal+alternativesPaypal has been integrated international online payment services for send money, pay online, merchant account. This free online payment option has made its name through easy money transactions without visiting bank. Only you need sender and receiver valid Paypal account to make online payment done. Even today it has unexpected popularity but now the inclusion of Paypal competitors list has increased widely so you should be aware of them also. To widen your reach you should check top 10 Paypal alternatives 2015 to 2016.

  1. Clickbank

Clickbank is the great mode of online payment overseas. It is fast and easy to set up and that is also without investing single penny in it. If you are registered with this service then you do not need to wait for long for your payment from abroad. It is a constant source of content marketing online.

  • It does not require extraordinary skill to develop online business.
  • Great offer of 7 % fee on all of your selling business.
  • Clickbank is a destination for everyone.
  • Its versatility is limited to those who like to sell online digital content.
  1. Payoneer

Payoneer is almost like any bank debit card and this worldwide service is renowned and focused. You do not need to wait for long for your payment or you can also make payment with extra comfort. It allows you to create online account and you will get Prepaid Master card after one week like other bank provide. There is also fixed fee for activation.

  • Getting registered with Payoneer is simple and fast.
  • Its global handle of transaction is no way troublesome and you will not come across any lengthy process and delays.
  • It requires fee in bank account transfer.
  • It is global payment service for the people.
  1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is extensive source of making or receiving payment. You can store your credit card and debit card in Google Wallet. It keeps your different cards and you can use it for purchasing anything also. This is appealing Paypal alternative for personal use and for professional.

  • It is the secured spot for receiving and sending money instantly.
  • Only few clicks can make you pay money and sending money will charge fee upto 2.9%.
  • It is for the US users.
  • Payment with mobile is also instant with this Google Wallet.
  1. Amazon Payments

Amazon payment is excellent online payment services like Paypal. There is no hidden fee required in this platform. It has limitation of sending and receiving money. It is impressively easy to use and you can expect quick payment from this.

  • Easy set up with security option.
  • You can make transaction when you have $1000 monthly so there will be no fee charging.
  • It is protective and secured option for making huge transactions.
  • It is limited for US users.
  1. Dwolla

Dwolla is a user-friendly Paypal alternative that should have account of sender and receiver. There is free transaction below $10 while it charges $ 0.25 for the transaction more than $ 10.

  • Straightforward online transaction of cash.
  • This service is only for the US users.
  • Its interface is simple and fast.
  • Transaction fee is nominal that is upto $ 0.25
  1. Braintree

Braitree is compiled with plenty of features that it provides us flexibility in making or receiving payment online with the constant transaction fee. This Paypal alternative is specifically good option for eCommerce sites like eBay, Amazon etc.

  • This multi featured online payment services platform users should have some programming skill to use it
  • It needs to have merchant account.
  • Fast in transaction dealing.
  1. Skrill

Skrill is extraordinary and worthy Paypal alternative. This secured mode of online payment avail you prepaid debit card once you are registered with it. There is a provision of online and offline payment with Skrill.

  • It is limited to 10 euros max and flat fee for transfer of 1%.
  • Creating account in this fast and easy.
  • This payment alternative can be used globally.
  1. Stripe

Stripe is cost effective online payment method that is remarkable in providing multiple services. Its flat transaction rate is 2.9% and equipped with the shopping cart facility.

  • It receives payment worldwide.
  • You can make mobile payment.
  • For getting your payment you need to wait for a week from the day of transaction.
  • Available for users of US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia.
  1. Payza

Payza servicing is available globally. It offers shopping cart integration and online or offline payment with prepaid credit card is instant.

  • Secured payment option with fair fee that varies country to country.
  • Good for offline and online purchasing with prepaid credit card.
  1. Selz

Selz is another name of comfort for transaction globally with limited payment option. Perfect for small scale business and for affiliate marketing.

  • It has flat transaction fee of 5%+$ 0.25.
  • It includes Visa and Master Card payments option.
  • Selling is possible from blog or from social networking pages.