Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Softwares


Make no mistake, it’s the heart and soul of professional movie-making, video editing is what we’re talking about here today. Installing a video editor holds the cards when it comes to making professional ritzy videos. The game of becoming the very best in video editing requires a progressive learning curve, but then the bulk of the game depends on the type of video editing app you are using.
Though commercial video editors don’t always come at affordable prices, there are various freeware and other affordable programs which can serve the purpose with justice.
Whether it’s about trimming down the size of any clip, or about adding captions or soundtracks, some scintillating tools are there to help you out with ease and elegance. Here today we bring before you a wrap up of top ten video editing programs in the segment, something that every aspiring movie maker would love to pay attention to.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2012

With easy-to-use navigation and free-flowing user interface, the best comes first. Windows Movie Maker is the only tool you will ever get to make astounding video clips.
All you need to do is simple drag and drop of clips on to the application that supports almost all popular formats, for images as well as videos. You can assemble them into order almost immediately, following simple drag n drop, or can rearrange them if so you desire. Adding special effects and custom transitions is just a matter of few simple mouse clicks.
Windows Movie Maker gives you the ease of adding captions, credits and soundtracks on to your images. There are numerous transitions that you can choose from. All done! Just save the video and upload it directly to your Facebook or YouTube account.
Apart from the mentioned effects and transitions, you may well use a few more controls such as applying some basic options, trimming desired clips, and so on.
The application is a freeware with the main motto producing high-quality images with affordability, ease and success.

 2. Kate’s Video Toolkit

There’s not much wonder about the handiness of Kate’s Video Toolkit, since it offers some of the most mesmerizing features you will ever get to witness in any video editing application. With Kate’s Video Toolkit, you get the ease of trimming and joining files together, linking videos with different transitions, converting file formats, as well as creating video sequences with your favorite soundtracks.
However, this video editor comes with a few limitations like you are not free to maximize the application window to full screen, so as to take full advantage of your screen resolution. But still, it is, by far, one of the most handy apps you will see featuring in the segment. Kate’s Video Toolkit is a great choice if you don’t wish to read bulky help manuals and your editing requirements are limited and clear-cut.

3. Avidemux

A tiny tot of a utility is Avidemux, which comes as an open source video editor used on a large scale across the globe to cut and merge video clips without re-encoding them.
The small tool features a long catalogue of remarkable and highly useful filters which include crop, add logo, rotate, flip, sharpen, re-size, tweak brightness, contrast colours, remove noise, and many more.
It encompasses a lot of brilliant features, though the majority of them are basic features that you can find in any video editor. However, there are numerous controls and useful options that can guarantee that you will be getting a pleasant user experience. Also, it hosts a marvelous online wiki that can provide you with information you might need in relation to the software. In general, Avidemux surely deserves to get a spin and it won’t muck up much of your time to get going since the ‘how it works’ concept of the utility is fairly simple.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

One of the popular and widely used non-linear video editors comes next in our list of top ten. Thee sort of editors, however, can be quite tough to master and gain expertise on. VSDC Free Video Editor is just one such video editor that stands nowhere apart from the list of useful but tough-to-learn video editors. In addition, there’s no useful documentation either to help you understand the working of this software, thereby adding salt to injury.If you continue, despite the given fact, you’ll observe that is one highly advanced and competent video editing utility having a hoard of features, including, but not limited to, selection tools, drawing utilities, lighting corrections, plenty of colors, transitions, useful filters, audio effects, and much more.

When you are done with your editing process, you can either choose to save your file or optimize it to burn on DVD or transfer to various mobile devices.

5. MPEG Streamclip 1.2.1b6

MPEG Streamclip, with a lightweight download of just 327KB, is slated to be a bit under-powered and lackluster in terms of available features. But then, it is indeed a handsome utility that can open files in various formats, can copy, cut and paste your video footage, together with doing a lot of other functions. You, using MPEG Streamclip, can make URLs or DVDs with your streams and can export your favorite soundtrack or rotate the footage the way you prefer. To boot, Export feature offers you multiple controls that you can use over your final footage; remember these features are missing in a majority of commercial video editing applications.

Earlier, playing MP4 files was catching an issue in MPEG Streamclip, but not anymore. Cutting to the chase, if you wish to use it only for trimming and its file conversion functionality; well then, this tiny utility is certainly worth giving a test run.

6. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another great utility you can lay your hands on for the purpose of getting a professional-like video editing. The application has a lot to offer for aspiring video editors, though it goes without saying that it is somewhat outmoded now and works only and solely on AVI files. It showcases a chic interface with easy-to-use navigations that will help you no end in navigating through different features and for trimming down your clips. To get the drift, there’s also a host of features and tools that you can use to blur, sharpen, rotate (at any desired angle, not only 90 degrees for increments), resize, contrast tweaks, brighten, color. The most striking feature of VirtualDub is its inventory of optional plugs that add much more potential to the utility.

No doubt you’ll have to spend or literally devote some time in learning the use of all of the features on offer from VirtualDub, and will have to explore some comprehensive menus to figure out their exact and precise use. But one thing goes without saying, if you are one among those who fancy AVI video processors; then, VirtualDub is indeed worth it.

7. Free Video Dub

From the exterior, it may seem like Free Video Dub is just like any other video trimming application that offers simple basic and custom-set features like move across the source footage, select the start and end point, cut the selected portion and save it as the project outcome. Fairly simple and traditional, isn’t it?

But in actual play, things are somewhat different. At one end, Free Video Dub does not re-encode your movie footage, which means that the quality of your video will not go down no matter how much of trimming you do. And, this particular features stands apart from the contest if in case you are having a really lengthy movie clip to trim and edit. In such an event, you need to do a lot of hard work and this tool can be your companion, the real one.

8. Lightworks

In case you are a died-hard fan of real editing prowess, then the best way to go about it is surely Lightworks.  It’s an absolute beauty, feature-rich package with realtime effects, smart trimming tools, marvelous multicam support and impressive other features. It makes one of the widely-used applications, known for its application in producing blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Batman and Mission Impossible.

You can say that every feature of this utility is worth a try and will teach you a lot in terms of video editing; however, this tool is not very easy to master for beginners and will certainly take some time. You must go through the help manual carefully as only then you will be able to do something extravagant with it.

9. Freemake Video Converter

As evident from the name itself, Freemake Video Convertor is mainly a tool for video conversion, however its essence in the domain of video editing tools is far more than that of a simple video editor. It’s indeed a great tool for converting videos but, at the same time, it’s very handy when it comes to trimming footage and applying on it various transitions. You can easily drag and drop any clip on to the program, arrange it in any order you prefer, and can trim each one down to whatever suits your requirements.
There are various other features that you can take advantage of to make your clips stand out, for instance you can rotate or flip individual clips, upload the project to YouTube, and can convert images to any format you desire. It’s, by far, one of the most polished and productive video editor suite you may get.

10. Ezvid Free Video Editing Software

The next on our list is Ezvid Free Video Editing software which, on account of its ease-of-use and simplicity, is gaining a lot of userbase these days. A simple drag-n-drop and hassle-free program is Ezvid and it is certainly one of the easiest video and slideshow creator application available for Windows.One feature which outshines all others in EZVID is its knack of being a screen capture utility that can capture any computer screen with just one click.
Also, Ezvid offers a speech synthesis functionality dubbed the “text-to-speech” (TTS) feature that is capable of converting normal text into computer language, and that’s certainly something that has not been provided by any video making/editing application till date. It is also competent in splicing video, speeding up/slowing down, creating project duplicates, and saving projects. All this and a lot more at absolutely free of cost is something that has indeed made this an exciting tool to possess for anybody.