Top 10 best free RSS readers for Windows

Top 10 best free RSS readers for WindowsThe most efficient way of following any news online or following any website or blog or software update is to seek help from an RSS feed reader. All such news accumulators are available for free for Windows. The RSS feeds enable the publishers to categorize different data automatically. An RSS document generally includes metadata or summarized text. If you want a timely update from your favorite website, then also you can take help from an RSS feed reader.

So reading news on Windows is now an easy task with the coming of the RSS feed readers. While looking for the best RSS fed reader, you can consider these top 10 best free RSS readers for Windows.
This is the best RSS feed reader in the market equipped with lots of useful features and a highly user friendly interface. You can organize the feeds in different folders by using two or three-pane interface. Your searches are saved by NewzCrawler as virtual folders.
This is another RSS feed reader which is a well thought out approach. The use of the feed reader is easy and it is also easy to configure. It can search news automatically once provided with the desired keyword and many items are collected manually. Any individual item can be collected and stored by the feature ‘News bin’.

If you want to stay up to date with RSS news feed then you can easily consider the OmeaReader RSS feed reader. It may seem a bit over complicated with time, but the webpage they use is smooth and they also have many unique search tools and categories. However, they do not offer learning filters and categories.

Your RSS feed actually follows if you are using NewsGator as an RSS feed reader. Numerous important news can be read online with the help of POP e-mails. It also synchronizes your subscriptions and news items of all editions can be read easily. It has also launched a mobile edition.

Good feature- rich RSS feed reader is the Awasu Personal Edition. It has a flexible display option the news notifications can be achieved in a great fashion. The news is announced either by sound, notification balloon or tray icon. One of its shortcomings is that it lacks search options and virtual folders.

This is a sophisticated RSS feed reader which includes a lot of power. Many articles as news can be saved and kept in ‘baskets’ for future use. The feature like Article monitor searches your feeds automatically based on the keywords given. Without setting up a search folder you cannot search for news online.

This RSS feed reader is a great reader as it can organize news in a logical order which makes following the news easier. It puts the news in context by using thread articles. The news and feeds are organized in separate folders. It also lets you to approach Technorati link cosmos very easily. It has some handful of shortcomings like it does not contain virtual folders.

Want to view news in an organized fashion? All you need is to download the RSS feed reader RSS Bandit. It has great synchronization abilities and your searches can be saved as virtual folders. It has a three pane interface and its only shortcoming is that it has no trainable filters.

You can read RSS feed and atom feed by downloading intraVnews RSS news feed via Microsoft outlook. Each feed can be saved in separate folders. However, it has some shortcomings out of which one is that it has no option to keep multiple installations synced.
This is trusted and high functional RSS feed reader. All news can be consumed effectively and it sooths your eyes. You can categorize your feeds in separate categories. However, there is no option for virtual folder and it cannot separate individual news by its own.