Top 10 Alternatives of Team Viewer to remote control your PC

teamviewer+alternativesTeam Viewer is ultimate option in resolving the problems but when due to any reason it does not support the you should have other alternative of team viewer for your use in your desktop for building strong connection between computer to computer. I am rounded with top10 alternatives of team viewer to remote control your PC.

1. Real VNC (free and paid)

Real VNC is indeed great remote desktop software that makes accessibility easiest. Its fast connectivity with others desktop is great. It is compatible with multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, OS X, Linux, UNIX, Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu. It is hassle free solution for personal and enterprise use. It is equipped with features like encryption, chat option, VNC authentication, file transfer and cross platform remote control or connectivity to the PC or laptop with the help of public IP address. Its interface is simple so you can get along with this software with full support.

2. Splashtop (free and paid)

This remote desktop software can easily track others desktop with the cross platform remote control. It is the best solution for troubleshooting at personal level and professional level as well. The use of this software is the good alternatives of the team viewer. Its accessibility is fast and there is no connection lost issue in the midst of your working process. It supports different platforms like Windows, OS X, Android, Linux and Apple operating system.

3. Ultra VNC (free)

This team viewer alternative is apt for troubleshooting the issues or good in file sharing. It can track others desktop with its strong connectivity and instant transfer of files is incredibly responsive. It is equipped with multiple features but supports only one platform that is Window. Downloading is easy as you can direct install it in your PC or tablet or laptop. This is the great team viewer alternative for your daily use.

4. Windows Remote Desktop Connection (free)

Windows Remote Desktop connection is good programmed software and it helps you to troubleshoot the computer issues or any work issues by configuring your PC’s screen for better understanding. But it does not offer multiple PC control at once. It is pre installed in Windows and easy process to download. There is no other software need to install it in your PC or laptop. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Click on the above link to have step to step guide how to connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection

5. LogMeIn Pro (paid and free)

This team viewer alternative is well equipped and offers best services to sort out your different issues. LogMeIn Pro is easy to setup and its interface is simple. Its various features are perfect in resolving many work pressure. It sports file transfers, streaming of audio and video, documents sharing and printing documents. You can play around plenty of opportunity to troubleshoot yours and others problems. It supports windows and Mac OS X. Its accessibility is impressively fast to other desktop.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop (free)

Chrome Remote Desktop is the good alternative to team viewer as its interface is simple and it’s setting and downloading is also simple with very easy steps. It is featured with the accessibility to the different files and supports Google Chrome. Though it is free even it has unique features among the list. So going for it will boost your productivity in the personal and business level. You do not need to leave your web browser for using this software.

7. Mikogo (Paid)

This browser based team viewer alternative is absolutely for you if you are involved in solving the business needs and other professional needs. It supports different platforms like Android mobile devices, Apple devices and Linux etc. It boasts VoIP chat protocol and easy to use directly in your browser rather than installing plugin or apps. Using its features is splendid so sharing documents, control the desktop by sharing their screen, file transfer, video conferencing, multi-users whiteboard and there is swap presenter. It has good remote control over your desktop and apart from this it permits you to preserve lot of features for your use.

8. (free and paid)

Join me is the great alternative to team viewer and allows you to play around different features. Its remote controlling is best and sharing documents and files is easy and less time consuming. It can involve around 250 members to join the group and share their thoughts and ideas. It is the best medium to reach to the people through collaboration at the same time. This is the best software in resolving the company’s work and its engagement. Its interface is simple and featured with mobile apps, audio streaming, collaboration and meeting is fast. It supports windows and Mac OS X.

9. WebEx Free (paid and free)

This alternative desktop program is absolutely worthwhile to invest as it is featured with markup tools, recording meetings, mobile apps for free, password protected manager and more. This multi tasking remote control desktop supports windows, linux, Mac OS X and other apps.

10. AMMYY Adminn (paid and free)

You can enjoy the built in voice feature and apart from this you can involve in chat and text also. This tools is of 1 MB and file transfer and live chat opting is intriguing. It supports windows and quite easy operation.

  • Juliet Bell

    You may also add R-HUB remote support servers in the above list.

  • Tina Deac

    A great alternative in my opinion is RemoteToPC – It is a great app with a very intuitive simple to use dashboard. You should definitely try it!