Tips to extend the life of your gadget’s batteries

Your laptops, tabs and mobile phones host a lithium ion battery that tends to lose power and charging capacity over a period of time; however, if taken care and consideration – the life of your battery can be extended by up to 3 years, or perhaps more.

What exactly can be done to ensure your battery stays a longer run, keep them charged at (say) over 50% all the time, or hold on till it drains out to connect the charger?

Not long ago it struck my mind that something has to be there to help my gadget’s battery live longer, and I started exploring thick manuals published by leading electronic giants like HP and Samsung to get something they recommend for a better battery run.

Here’s a synopsis of my research.

  • Say no to deep battery discharge. Do not wait to charge your device until the battery completely drains out to reach 10 percent or lower. For Li-ion batteries the optimal charge level is at around 40 – 70 percent and, possibly try charging your device multiple number of times a day.
  • In case you’re out on a vacation or taking a break period in which you are not likely to use a device then do remember to store it with optimal level of battery life, i.e. close to at least 50 percent. However, if the device is full on battery life, i.e. 90 per cent or above, then discharge it to around half-way – power off the device, and then store it in a cool dry location.
  • Never store a gadget for extended periods with a full charged or completely discharged battery since in both the case, the device will experience a loss in battery capacity. In case you are planning to leave your mobile device in your cupboard for (say) six months or so, make sure you charge it to 50% before storing. It will help the device mitigate the aging effect on the battery.
  • Do not keep your phone in your car for a longer period of time on a hot and scorching afternoon since prolonged exposure of temperature greater than 35 degrees Celsius can result in a permanent damage to the storing capacity of your device’s battery.
  • You can leave your device plugged in to a power switch for charging it at night. There is no major issue with that; however, the mobile case or cover might just post an issue here as the device generates a fair bit of heat while charging.
  • Your device needs a heat ventilation arrangement to negate any hard to your battery and in case your device cover prevents it from ventilating heat to the surroundings, it can reduce the capacity and life of your battery considerably.

And in context that we are discussing batteries, here’s one cool video you must watch.


It explains how these powerhouse work and why each battery gradually drains and ultimately die out.