The Journey of Google from Rags to Riches

Google History

Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation focusing on Internet-related services and products which include basic and advanced search guidance, cloud computing, software and online promotional technologies. It derives its profits from AdWords. Google came to existence in 1998 by Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergei Brin. The major step towards success are compiled in the articles to go.

  • 1995 Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford was the year of their first meeting and it was like two opposites who had nothing in common to agree upon
  • In the year 1996,Brin and Page began creating a search engine which the named as BackRub. It was designed to look at the connecting links between web pages in order to determine a site’s authority. BackRub was somewhat a reference to the underlying algorithm which counts backlinks as confirmatory votes, the same approach that was then changed to   PageRank.
  • 1997 The year in which BackRub was christened with a new name “Google” The use of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web
  • In 1998, Page and Brin set up their first data center in Page’s dorm.Later on with the help and guidance David Filo, the co-founder of Yahoo, Page and Brin decided to start a company and started looking for investors to finance and support theyinitiative. The investment of $100,000 by Andy Bechtolsheim, founder member of Sun Microsystems,in the company who saw the demo of their search technology was a great break through.
  • Google, Inc. was established on 7 September, 1998 in a garage in Menlo Park, California. Craig Silverstein was their first employee, who was later to become Google’s Director of Technology.Google achieved praise and publicity as news spread rapidly through online and offline media as well as their receipt of numerous awards and applauds. Their patrons grew parallel to their reputation for efficiency, reliability and speed. At their start, Google delivered over 10,000 queries a day and quickly acquired its reputation as a trustworthy source for information.
  • By 1999, it gave out 500,000 queries a day and the company moved from the four walls of a garage to the mega Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, in the heart of California.
  • With the beginning of year 2000, Google replaced Yahoo’s own internal search engine as the provider of additional search results on Yahoo, with more than 50% share of the total search market, Google provides search results for multiple search engines on the web.
  • Also in 2001 co-founder Larry Page stood down as the CEO of Google and former CEO of Novel. Eric Schmidt was declared as the new CEO of Google.
  • In 2004, Google launched its own free web-based email service very well known as Gmail. This service was made to compete with the free online mail services supplied by Yahoo and Hotmail. The same very year Google launched Google Earth which is an incredible concept that is a map of the earth based on satellite images.
  • By 2006 Google was the most widely used search engine on the internet with a 54% market share and was the closest rival to Yahoo
  • At the end of 2011 Google makes 75%  for every search you perform.

Major Changes in the Homepage of Google

In 1997 to early 1998, Google was still available at with beta version not being available. Google was still chaotic with emphasis still on Stanford Search showing where Google belongs to.1

In 1999, Google realized its search engine can stand on its own, and focused on what the competitors were losing at total focus on search, with a completely organized homepage.


In 2000, survived the Y2K bug and began with a language box, and also jobs offers. Its page highlighted with blue bullets. Google which was out of Beta now was proud to be named “Best Search Engine” by Yahoo Internet Life.


In 2001, few days after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center offered condolences to the attack victims. Google started displaying news and support links on the front-page.


In the beginning 2004, Google celebrated Valentine’s Day and the index size increased a whopping 1 billion pages.


In 2004 Google got rid of its tabs on top of the search box, making the page simpler and  taking their company public.In 2004 Google was showing with an Olympics logo


In 2005,Google introduced GoogleLocal to the front-page and got rid of its “Business Solutions” link at the bottom.


In 2007, the Google homepage had a dramatic change in the navigation moves from above the search box to the top-left of the page like Google Image Search, or Google News search.


Towards the end of 2009, Google rolled out one of their biggest changes starting with a chaos free homepage showing only the logo, search box and two search buttons.


In the month of June 2011, Google turned their top navigation bar dark, the viewing the page in Google’s Chrome browser spot a microphone icon which, when clicked, allowed you to speak for searching keywords.


Google has become an important source both as search engine and search engine optimization specialists accordingly. The other search engines have a inclination to imitate any algorithmic changes made by Google. In the same search engine optimization experts continually study the changes and also provide their clients with the best search engine rankings. With the many applications and products that Google has brought out, and the way it has gained the control over the internet it is a fact Google has become a very significant part of all of our lives.