Technology Enthusiasts Usually check top 10 websites daily

Information Technology has taken more advantages than any other tools of modern world. World Wide Web has become the main tool to influence the world as recent survey says in a Technology journal. The technology world has embraced towards the blogs and websites by describing the wonderful, informative and trendy topics on their publication whether it’s product or service or any view must goes through the blogs as it is the easiest way to reach world wide in real time .

Technology Enthusiasts Usually check top 10 websites daily

Technology Enthusiasts Usually check top 10 websites daily

It is already known to all that every one used to search internet for any kind of information. Hence, in my personal notion says that the technology related blogs are serving the best Launchpad for technological information and happenings.  As an IT professional, I have normally check 100+ technology related blogs for new invention of software or hardware or tools but here I have listed best 10 technology related blogs those are also used by common people and Technology Enthusiasts daily basis due to their real time and reliable updates.

1. Mashable:

This multi niche blog Mashable was founded in 2005 with the headquarters in New York City by Pete Cashmore. In Mashable blog, users can get all the recent updates on daily news, daily resources and daily information on technological innovations and invention such how they enhance people around the globe. As per recent report on Wikipedia says that they are getting 36 million unique visitors and 15 million social media followers per moth.

2. TechCrunch:

The multi-targeted blog focuses on the various IT companies’ right from the startups to corporate firms in real time basis. It is founded by Michael Arrington in the year 2005 with headquarters in Washington DC. TechCrunch was acquired by AOL in 2010. This blog is focusing the insights on Mobiles gadgets and widgets. More interesting, they offers free data base of technology world based companies via Crunch Base.

3. Engadget
It is founded in March 2004 by Peter Rojas as web property but latter tries to cover all topics and come out as a very successful blog. They used to cover all the gadgets, the electronics, the technology and reviews with editorial opinions on technology related products and services. As per available information says that the Engadget currently operates a total of ten blogs where 4 written in English and six has international versions with unique independent editorial staff for each blog.

4. GigaOM
Om Malik is one of the pioneer of blogging industry as he was founded GiaOM in 1994. No doubt, it is one of the most popular blog in the internet world as they are focusing on Web 2.0 coverage all over the times but some time, they used to cover other gadgets and widgets too.It is mentioned that Om Malik is one of the founder team member of online portal for Forbes Ince.

5. Boing Boing
This is one of the most popular blog which is founded by Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair in 1988 as Zine.  The Zine blog targets on the wonderful and bizarre things as those are made from technology world.  It is mentioned that the blog covers short articles, videos and images too with joy and excitement.

6. Gawker:
Nick Denton is the founder of the Gawker media with headquarters in New York City. The blog was founded in 2002 as it was initially a media and gossip blog but latter it has diversified into a network of blogs on various topics such the gaming, the sports, and the science fiction. It is mentioned that Lifehacker and Gizmodo  are also belongs to Gawker Media.

7. Forrester Blog:
Forrester Blog is another great blog from Forrester Research which was founded by George F. Colony in 1983 with the headquarters in Cambridge. The blog covers great knowledge base for technological data and analysis with focusing common men’s interest.

8. Forbes blog:
Forbes is actually a business magazine which was founded in 1917 by B. C. Forbes and present CEO is Michael Perlis. This is an independent blog which was started publishing online from 1991 on various topics including technology. It is providing information on business, marketing and any other related technology which are easily accessible to everyone.

9. The Red Ferret Journal:
The blog was founded by Nigel Powell in March 2000 with headquarters in East London.  It is an informative blog on gadgets. widgets and technology trivia around the globe.

10. Coolest Gadgets:
This blog was founded by Al Carlton in 2005 with headquarters in London. The blog is providing technology related information on the latest gadgets and widgets along with SEO related topics. It has great reader based around the globe due to their real time updates.

Collector’s Note:
I have listed the top 10 technology blogs as per my own observation, I am not sure that this is the perfect list but all the blogs are really useful to common users and advanced technology Enthusiasts .