Smartest ways to use double Whatsapp accounts in same time from Dual Sim smart phone

Whatsapp is the highest using mobile application in virtual world. Normally it is used for messaging our friends and family in real time mode. Dual-SIM Android smartphone is available now in global market and some of users have wanted to use both the SIM cards to activate for WhatsApp as they want or needed to chat with both personal and professional contacts at the same time instantly. We have got a another application to solve the issue. One of the top developer  XDA Developers forum has developed OGWhatsApp application for using dual SIM inserted device in both accounts in same time with single device. The OGWhatsApp acts as an independent app which doesn’t alter the functioning of original WhatsApp.

Smartest ways to use double Whatsapp accounts in same time from Dual Sim smart phone

Top Features of OGWhatsApp:

  • Enables the usage of 2 SIM on a single mobile device.
  • Instant backup creation from WhatsApp and restoration to OGWhatsApp.
  • No Downloading of images and videos is needed.
  • Easy Copy the status of contacts.
  • Needs MX Player to play videos online.
  • Functioning of messaging (audio/video/image) is same like WhatsApp

In case of a dual SIM Android Smartphone  user wants to Use WhatsApp with Two Numbers in same time makes very simple via OGWhatsApp which is designed user friendly. Here is the complete tutorial for using OGWhatsApp application.

OGWhatsApp mobile application Installation method:

1. Search in Google play store “OGWhatsApp”

2. Create a backup of Whatsapp messages/contacts

3. Download and Install apk file

4. Migrate Whatsapp file to OGWhatsApp

5. Now re install Whatsapp from Google play store

6. Register new mobile number [ excluding old one]

7. Now start using both account from same device in same time.

Video tutorial on OGWhatsApp mobile application Installation:

Youtube Video

Now onwards you can see two WhatsApp icon in device home screen as one bears OGwhatsapp logo and another original Whatsapp logo. in the logo. But keep in mind that never play with mobile number setting if do so one or both accounts may be disabled. If you have failed to install it properly the OGwhatsapp, please comment below with your queries and our team member(s0 would be happy in assisting you with the same.