How to set a picture password to your Google Forms

This easy tutorial by Geeker Magazine covers the process of adding image Captchas or picture passwords to your Google Forms. Setting picture passwords will prevent spam bots from filling your forms to make fake submissions.

One crucial issue with Google Forms, which are otherwise a big time resourceful utility, is the ‘all or none’ privacy setting they have in place. The things are either public (which means anybody can fill out your forms) or, in case you are using Google Apps, you can easily create forms readily viewable to everyone within your circle or enterprise. However, restricting some specific people from accessing your forms.

However, there is one more issue with the forms. They do not permit Captchas or passwords to shield your forms from being filled with random data by the spam bots. The major highlight here is that the reCaptcha project is being maintained by Google itself, still there is no news on whether the search engine giant is in the lookout to add reCaptcha to Google Forms. But for now, we’re here with a workaround to it.

Picture Passwords for Google Forms

Though Forms don’t support the captcha, the do provide you with the option to attach pictures with specific answers. These images, thence, can be used as picture passwords for Google Forms.

How to set a picture password to your Google Forms?

The idea is fairly straightforward

We can attach images to the forms access part where the user will be provided with a set of pictures and a question. The user will be required to select one or more pictures considering the question provided.

On selecting the right set of images, the user will be provided with an access to the forms, while wrong selection will respond with an error message. Moreover, to ensure security – multiple sets of images are used with different questions so that the position or pattern of the answer remains different and random for every respondent.

How to set picture password in Google Forms?

Here’s how to secure and lock specific user access to your forms. Open a new form and make three sections on it. On the first section, we’ll be having the picture password, while the second section will be having an error message. On the third and final section of the forms, the actual question will be there for you to ask from the users who’ve cleared the anti-spam rest.

How to set a picture password to your Google Forms

Now make a multiple choice question in the first section of the forms and add a different picture with every choice. Make this a necessary question and turn the shuffle order off for the question. You then have to turn the option “Go to section based on answer” on for the section to ensure only valid answers are sent to main form.

For each invalid choice, select “Go to section 2” (consider screenshot) while choose “Go to section 3” for the correct choice. Adding a question in section 2 is not required; however, you can add the error message description to it.  Now set “Go to section 1” after section 2 to prevent the user from bypassing the picture test and reach the section 3 straightaway.

That’s it: push it live and the users will just see the questionnaire in case they’ve solved the puzzle in section 1.