Send SMS text messages from computer to mobile phone via outlook 

Most of you would have surely never given it a thought that there could be anything bisecting Microsoft Outlook, the leading email client, and text SMS messaging on a mobile phone. Well, it’s actually there. You can use MS Outlook 2007 to effortlessly send or receive text messages from a computer to your smartphone. All you’ve got to do is type your message, same way as you compose an email in Outlook, and click Send.

send sms from outlook to mobile

Along the same lines, you can also use Outlook to forward calendar items, pending tasks, emails, etc. from MS Outlook 2007 to your smartphone via a simple text SMS.

How to send SMS from your computer using ‘MS Outlook’

To SMS enable your copy of Microsoft Outlook 2007, first register your mobile phone number at SMSOfficer. This novel facility being provided by Microsoft can readily be accessed by leading  cellular operators in the Americas and other international countries, including India.

To enable the SMS feature on your Microsoft Outlook 2007, you need to get your mobile number registered at SMSOfficer first. Microsoft has rolled out this special feature for all cellular service providers in the United States and many other regions, including Canada.

send sms from outlook to mobile

Upon successful registration you will receive a verification code as an SMS on your mobile device. Just provide them the verification code and that is it, you are all set to use Microsoft Outlook 2007 to send and receive SMS text messages on your mobile device.

And that too without downloading any third-party tool. Clicking on the configuration link will take you to the settings pane where you can set your preferences accordingly.

Navigate to Outlook > New > Text Message to begin composing a text message. As its default value, Outlook only takes a maximum of 160 characters as text SMS word limit. In case you try to send a message with more than 160 characters, the extra characters are automatically cut apart and sent as another message.

send sms from outlook to mobile

The free SMS text messaging service comes at no registration charges or something. On successful registration with SMS Officer you also get 10 message credits absolutely free. However, you’ll need to purchase SMS credit from SMS Officer. The payment can be processed via PayPal.

Another good feature of this cost-effective service is that the revert to your message by a recipient is sent to your mobile device. Wasn’t it a cool service, while we are not clear as to if the Outlook mobile text SMS messaging service can be used for sending bulk messages, check with SMS Officer if we can one message to multiple recipients.