Self-start guide to monetizing your blog

Getting your content read is a salient part of content marketing. No matter how radiant your blog articles are, you will not be able to entice your audience and turn them into forever clients unless they get a chance to read your posts first. Sometimes, SEO and other traditional methods are not enough to make the most out of a blog or to rank your site high in results. If you arelooking for the ways to move your content then content syndication could be the best way to go.

Let’s know what content syndication is Content syndication is a process in which you give your consent to other sites to republish your content with a proper attribution to you as author. Using content syndication networks, you can move your blog content around similar ad network. Content syndication is certainly an easy way to drive traffic to a website. Besides, having your content appearing on other websites provides you an opportunity to increase the exposure of your product and brand as well.

There are a mounting number of content syndication networks available. Below is the list of top content syndication networks that can help you skyrocket your blog income.

Best Content Syndication Networks

Here, in this copy writing, we’ll introduce you to each platform, wrapping its major features along with ways to employ a particular service in your site. So that you can select the best out of rest according to the statistics and other aspects of your blog or site.

  1. Outbrain

Outbrain is indeed a leader among content syndication networks. It allows you to promote blog articles, media reviews, videos, slideshows and mobile optimized content. The popular content discovery platform is a great way to escalate your blog income if your blog has a good amount of traffic.

The only thing that you need to check before starting is that your content must meet its strict guidelines. The content syndication provides a decent cost per click or cost per visitor to its users.

  1. Zemanta

Zemanta is another excellent choice when you need a little syndication for your site. Much like Outbrain, this content syndication system is performance driven. Once you add the URLs, this content syndication network will start its working to get your blog in front of thousands of relevant websites.

The main aim of the network is to drive quality traffic to your website. It syndicates your blog posts across a number of websites. Zemanta also features a useful WordPress plugin that connects bloggers with related content. The plugin gives suggestions to writers regarding content so that they can write on suitable topics.

The content syndication network does not allow you for syndication by simply signing up. To get started, you need to register and then Zemanta team approaches you with negative or positive response. Once your site passes the criteria, it’ll be selected into the publisher list of Zemanta.

  1. Disqus

Disqus is one of the frequently used commenting platforms. It integrates with your blog, transforms your post comments into viral conversations with the help of real-time posting across mobile, emails and different social channels.

Apart from comments, the content syndication network makes use of simple process. It offers a particular section that includes links from your site as well as from third-party websites. This section helps you get income when your reader switches to the link of a third-party website. Similar to other content syndication networks, Discus is quite popular for promoting quality content.

  1. Taboola

This is another popular content syndication network that helps you monetize your blog content. Taboola not only offers support for desktops but also for mobiles, so no matter what platform your reader is using.

The content syndication network helps you promote first-rate content from credible and reliable sites. It helps you engage your customers and enables you to have decent earnings.

To get started, all you need to do is just contact the company directly. They will reply you soon. Apart from paid, there are arrays of free content syndication services available, allowing you to escalate your reach. For paid networks, many of the content syndicators charge on the per-click basis, thus you will be paying only for real eyeballs on your posts.

How to submit your article

There are mainly two methods to submit a post for syndication:

  • You can manually submit your articles to the syndication website for review and distribution across its network.
  • You can do it through RSS feed. By doing so, each of your new post will be submitted automatically for syndication.
  • You can even define your content syndication strategy beforehand. You might consider syndication only open paragraph of a post and a link to your site instead of syndicating complete article. In case you are mulling over building your brand awareness, syndicating complete article may be the best approach.
  • Once you have defined your goals, it‟s quite necessary to evaluate your available content. It is also recommended that make decisions according to the specific requirements of your content syndicating partners.

Final Call

All these content syndication networks will help you deliver your site content in front of your target audience. So do your research before making a choice so that you can get to know about the requirements of each network.