How to read chat messages on Facebook without read notifications?

How to read chat messages on Facebook without read notificationsSometimes you really want to get rid of irritating face on Facebook chats. Initially, it could be done easily by not giving any reply and acting not to see the messages. But since ‘read’ feature has been introduced on Facebook chat box this excuse works no more, and the worst part is there are no chat settings to remove this feature. But now by downloading a particular browser you can change the setting and get rid of the ‘seen’ notice of your chat box. Once you install this feature the person with whom you are talking will fail to detect when the opponent party have seen their messages.
To prevent the opposing party from detecting when you read their messages all you can do is install a browser. A Mozilla Firefox browser extension is there which will help you to solve the problem. The first and foremost step is go to their website and click on the button which is set for undertaking chat. After this once you run the installation file, your desired result is achieved. If you use Mozilla Firefox, then a notice will pop-up in front of your eyes conforming the installation procedure of chat unselecting. Next, you need to click on the ‘complete now’ button to finish the procedure.
You are all ready now to start afresh. The irritating seen message will no longer be shown to others. This way others will not know whether you have seen their messages or not. You can simply avoid that unwanted person in your friend list. You may also change your mind after a few days of usage and can uninstall the chat undetected option. For this you need to navigate through the settings given to the browser. With this improved feature you can read Facebook chat messages without reading notifications.
If you are using Google chrome then you need to follow some typical steps. Firstly, you should go to the settings option on your browser. Then it is advised to click on the Extension button and finally click on the button which will keep the chat undetected. This process, however, differs in Mozilla. In case of Mozilla firstly, you need to browse add-on pages to stop installing chat unseen. This option is present under the extend on button. The android apps on Google play are also coming up now with this feature. But before switching to use these browsers it should be kept in mind that they are all unauthorized and unofficial. But once you are done with your need Facebook will automatically turn them off and your phone or PC will remain unaffected.
The procedure, however, varies if you are using a smart phone. There is an application called the Privy chat which enables you to read messages quickly without the seen option. With this app you are able to read the messages of the opposition party, but they are not able to detect whether the messages are read or not. The app is light weighted and does not take up much memory of your phone and it can also be used very easily. You can also check the present status of your friends without reading their chats while being present on Facebook. In this way you can also hide your presence from Facebook.
It should be kept in mind that this feature has some shortcomings as well. If you are using this app with Google play, then it should be remembered that the current version does not allow you to send messages in a group chat. If you are using through your phone, then it should be remembered that this feature will not work there as Facebook does not allow any attachment through any external application.