Most popular CMS:Content Management Systems way to Business Success

The World Wide Web  converts the world into a global village where business and marketing become hot topics for household users. Website is the main carrier of your needs but how a website works and where the data is stored is a million dollars question for non techies but techie people simply replies it as CMS (Content Management System). Content management system is tool for systematic views of any content in a website.

Most popular CMS:Content Management Systems way to Business Success


What is meant CMS?

Content Management System is shortly called CMS as a programming is developed for internet audience friendly. CMS is used for businesses and organizations that have more large-scale data in their website or OS. This application provides capabilities for multiple users individually to manage content, data or information of a website, projects, or internet applications seamlessly. Typically, CMS is web based and help run blogs, news sites and shopping portals.

Myth vs. Fact about CMS: 

Having well programmed CMS on a website is good opportunity to create user friendly website but it is going to have the back-end using experience and some computer programming language of PHP,Visual Basic, Java and HTML to get desired results.

Secondly, I can say that a good CMS is not the ticket to success for any website or portal.Just it helps to perform well as use interface of any website.

Most popular CMS:

There are large numbers of  professional CMS available on the web, some are available for free or some are paid version. We have collected most popular CMS to get success in business world either online or offline.

1. WordPress CMS: 

WordPress (WP) may be the highest popular CMS which was started off in 2003 as a blogging platform for common users. WordPress offers most flexibility to users as a non techie person can become blogger with this CMS. However, it needs some technical knowledge to get fully desirable website or blog or e-commerce site.

2. Drupal CMS

Drupal is anther open source content management system which is used by a large number of popular websites around the globe.More interestingly maximum Government websites are run on Drupal platform.

3. Joomla CMS: 

Joomla is often to be compared with WordPress and Drupal as an equal but it has different CMS option for users. Joomla is used for heavy content based websites and portals.

4. Expression Engine CMS: 

Expression Engine is partially open source CMS which is used for commercial purpose. Expression Engine charges around $300 for single site use. Expression Engine CMS is SSL compatible, captcha verifications mark, and gives the admin full control on contents. It is hard to customize for non techie individual.

5. eZ Publish CMS: 

The eZ Publish is a great content management system for techie individual because it hard to customize for non IT people.A a large number of extensions that come with eZ but it needs to add some functionality perfectly other wise it will not work.

6. Vivvo CMS: 

The Vivvo CMS has a great user interface and plugins with respectable in-build security system. Your admin dashboard has features such as traffic analytics for understanding trends of the website’s keywords. However, it is partially open source, it needs to spend around $300 for using for this CMS.

7. SquareSpace CMS: 

The SquareSpace CMS has a great user interface like Vivvo and SquareSpace with traffic tracking feature on their dashboard. More interestingly it offers hosting which is a part of website. However, this CMS has no open source coding. It is enabled SSL security system for whole website or portal. It costs around $240 for using any website or portal.

8. Concrete5 CMS: 

The Concrete5 CMS has some functions those can come in handy for certain users or company. Concrete5 CMS has quite the library of add-ons but capable with a few functionality. It is not open source CMS and needs to back end works for customization.

9. Hero CMS: 

Hero is anther open source PHP website CMS which is used in-built themes with  menu manager that makes it easy for certain users and site admin operates from a sort of control panel with custom configuration.Normally it is used for e-commerce site and it costs $195 for single use.

10. Cushy CMS: 

The Cushy CMS is a fast, easy, versatile and free content management system with in-build theme option. It has custom XML editor along with normal options. It cost around $28 per month for single site use.

TYPO 3 CMS, Fission CMS,Radiant CMS,SilverStripe CMS, Refinery CMS, DotNetNuke (DNN) CMS and many more open source CMSs are found online. 

Final thoughts of the author:

CMS is a helping hand of website admins to run the site perfectly even if admin knows nothing but a little PHP with multilingual CMS carrying PHP, MySQL and JQuery for user interface. Before using any CMS, must check their review and feature options on their official websites along with a few impartial reviews from authentic websites.