How to Switch to other language in Facebook?


Social networking sites are a rage these days. Everyone is eager to get connected to others on a virtual platform and these social networking sites provide them this opportunity. These websites provide a chance to present oneself in a different perspective. People not only love it but are literally getting addicted to it. Most often the users end up spending the whole day behind these sites but that doesn’t stops them. These websites have a lot of features which makes it so clingy and attached.

Features present in facebook

First of all, the face book allows connecting to everyone on globe. Since everyone is on facebook, thus people are able to contact them and find each others on these sites easily.

It has so many features along with chat box, messenger, video calling, stickers, status update box etc.

All of its features are very precise to the site. Moreover one can also play games and use different applications on facebook. In other words it is the combination of all the best features of every site we know. This is the largest market we know that exists virtually. It has more than 10 billion users and still counting.

The biggest reason why face book is a hit

Another reason why it is popular all over the world is because it allows the users to access face book in more than 20 different languages. face book is available I more than 5 different Indian languages including Hindi and more than 20 different worldwide languages from all over the world including Afrikaans, dansk, Esperanto etc. This is a pretty good feature. No other application or social network is available in so many languages. It not only has different languages but is very user friendly to find them. They are divided in categories such as Africa and Middle East, Americas, Asia-pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe.

The real strategy

This is a very big marketing strategy. People all over the world can now understand the language and can connect to friends and family accordingly.

This feature allows a person to read and write in his/her native language in facebook.

It consists of four kinds of English itself namely English (pirate), UK English, and English (upside down) and US English. Just think about all those languages all in once. It is a very nice interface and is very user friendly.


People nowadays want variety; they want to choose the best from the rest. Providing them with so many options overwhelms them and makes them attracted to the particular site. And in this scenario, facebook makes a perfect bingo with the crisis and production. This is the reason why it is so popular around the whole world. People love face book as well as all of its features.

Different applications that also help

There are different apps that can help you write in different languages in facebook. These applications convert the writing into specific codes so that face book interface can decode it and it is visible. These apps help to write, or convert English text into other translations and help writing in other than English. Available for android, and other operating systems, these apps are very helpful for one of its kind. not only it helps to write in different languages but also in different styles such as underlined, bisecting line through writing, upside down writing, and much more. It even allows writing in different colors but according to most of the analysts, 60% of these apps are either spam or contain virus. This is why they should be avoided. Being safe is your duty.