Kiddle – a search engine for kids – is now out


Yes, kiddle a new Visual search engine for kids, powered by editors and Google safe search uses humans to weed out adult content.

Have you ever wondered about the need for having a kid-friendly search engine. If yes, then today might be the day when this wish will come true for you. What’s hit the news today is that Kiddle, a search engine optimized for children, is now available.

Powered by Google Safe Search, Kiddle filters all the adult content from the search queries to make the search content appropriate for a younger audience.

The new kid-friendly search engine will not only filter adult and inappropriate content for kids from the results but will also give priority to content which is easy to read and infer.

In contrast to Google Search Engine’s plain white theme, Kiddle will feature a more vivid theme based on outer space. Moreover, a robo assistant will be available to assist children in browsing the Web. Also, Kiddle will be displayed in a similar fashion as Google is displayed just above the search bar. However, the Kiddle logo will be displayed with more contrasting colors.

There are many similarities between Kiddle and Google, contrary to the fact that Kiddle is not a Google product. It is only powered by a customised Google search results.

First 3 of the search results will feature strictly safe sites. Thereafter, next 4 results will be those written in the simplest way possible. Results after the 7th search result will feature adult content filtered by Google Safe Search.

Google was launched back in 1998 when Internet was less crowded. The search engine became so popular ever since that it has now generated the common phrase, Google It. Hoping that Kiddle will play the same role for kids as Google has played for every Internet user, everyone is looking forward for the success of the kid-friendly search engine.

Kiddle will provide a new opportunity for parents to let their children use a safe Internet. The new search engine will eliminate all the vulgar content from the search query made using it.

Though it is sure that Kiddle won’t be storing any personal info based on the queries, whether Google will keep or let go the search data is still under debate until any official announcement is out by the Californian search giant.

To access the new search engine just type and you will be redirected to the landing page of the search engine!