iPhone 7: New, Rumors, Specification and Release Date

iPhone 7Already the number of news and views are flashing on iPhone 7. It is not going to appear soon but this year will be the year of iPhone 7. Its tempting features and specs are something you cannot resist. Now people are seeing leaks, scoops and tantrums about this digital handset.Put your foot forward and know more about the rumors of iPhone 7 which could be possibly seen in the phone when it will be released. Till then we can only predict what Apple has to offer in its latest venture iPhone 7.

1. 3D Touch and Fingerprint Sensor

3D Touch and fingerprint sensor is already there in iPhone 6s so expectations are high in terms of this sphere. We heard of multi-3D Touch, but this will be in iPhone 7 or not, tough to say anything. The fingerprint recognition technology on the display is something we want to see in iPhone 7. This has a mere chance to be in the Apple upcoming device.

2. No Headphone Jack

Few months back, we heard that Apple will not come with headphone jack any-more in its upcoming devices so in iPhone 7. It will go wireless. So will there be headphone that connects through lightening ports? There is also rumor that Apple will put another speaker on the iPhone 7 in which 3.5 mm headphone jack will able to insert. Let us see as this the grain of salt not a fact.

3. Flush Cam

Apple is firm in making its devices with improvement and where it lacks you will see its upcoming venture the improvement. But one thing is sure there will be improved version. The same go with camera as iPhone 7 may include dual camera setup and it may be coming with the reduced size in camera lens so it will sit flush with body. According to the reports Apple has received dual-lens camera samples and other lens makers from Japan and China country. So Apple will test these features and bring any of them in iPhone 7. Most probably you will able to see dual camera but Apple has not confirmed yet anything so we are still behind from conclusion. 12 MP cameras are in iPhone 6s then what will be the figure of iPhone 7? The live photo feature there can be in iPhone 7 which we have already experience in Galaxy s4 and Galaxy S5.

Release Date

At the grand event you see usually Apple reveal its devices. In September iPhone 7 will arrive. But till September we will get to know plenty of things as rumor about iPhone 7 launching date.

There is lot of things to consider but rarely anything become true in reality. Keep wondering as of now for the iPhone 7 as literally where this device will go and what it is going to offer is yet to finalize from Apple.

4. OLED Screen and other Specs

In terms of specs, Apple may jump higher. Apple can make some twist and instead of LCD Screens, there will be OLED screen in iPhone 7. iPhone 6s has come up with only 1 GB of RAM but iPhone 7 will be coming with 3 GB of RAM. Smartphones are ahead in this race and they are already coming with 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM. Few sources have also revealed that iPhone 7 will sport only 2 GB of RAM whereas iPhone 7 Plus will be offering 4 GB of RAM.

5. Liquid Metal and Waterproof

Apple has its own parameter of setting everything. It goes with its own trend and it does not bother about other competitive formula. iPhone 7 may be coming with new design and the device will be around 6 and 6.5 mm which will be the thinnest device ever. It is also in news circle that Apple will eradicate the plastic antenna which will be all over the boby of the device with the help of the new component materials… Apple will conceal the antenna on the back of the phone. It will sport waterproof iPhone 7 chassis components. Some reports are also concluding that iPhone 7 will not be only waterproof but also dust-proof.

There is always rumor about liquid metal Apple devices but not yet we have seen in any of its upcoming devices. Can we expect this from iPhone 7 release? Apple with 3.5 mm audio jack, sounds interesting but can we able to see in the latest device of the Apple i.e iPhone 7. There will be no USB Type-C connector.

Wireless Charging

iPhone 7 with wireless charging would be great experiment. It means you can charge your Apple watch too with the same charger.