How to watch YouTube videos with picture-in-picture on your iPad

YouTube is a colossal database of videos across difference genre and, over the years, Google has done well to continually raise the bar of excellence in providing high-quality services with the world’s largest online video hosting and streaming services.

YouTube, time and again, has stood up to changing digital trends, technologies and user preferences to continue keeping it in vogue; however, due to extreme depth in technology and trends, it still misses a few add-ons or better say, extensibility.

The iPad version of the YouTube app does not support iOS 9’s illustrious Picture in Picture mode. So here in this article we will discuss a straightforward workaround to help you watch YouTube videos in the background while you continue working on other apps.

YouTube and iOS 9’s Picture in Picture

The iOS 9 Picture in Picture support allows you to watch work on other apps and watch video, too, at the same time. Just open any video in Safari to get going.

Hit the PIP icon given within the video player and the video will be popped out to a corner in your device screen. The video will keep playing continually without any interruption no matter you close some apps, open a few, or what. Just click the zoom gesture to resize the video playback.

The iPad version of YouTube app does support the PIP mode, however, the app itself needs to be in the foreground for the feature to work. The video playback will keep running when you surf for more videos on the YouTube but it will stop anytime you switch to any other app on your device.

YouTube iOS 9’s YouTube Picture in Picture

How wonderfully convenient it would be if you can multitask with ease and watch YouTube videos at once, no matter you are reviewing your Twitter stream or going through your emails simultaneously?

Introducing YouTube PIP, a tiny and terrific web app that allows you to watch YouTube videos via the PIP mode in YouTube. Simply tap the share icon and copy the URL (link) of any YouTube video while you are in YouTube web app. Open YouTube in Safari, paste the YouTube video link and hit the Play button.

YouTube and iOS 9’s Picture in Picture

Yippee! The picture in picture icon will be right their inside your YouTube video player – just tap on it and you can remove the video from Safari browser. Now move to the mailing app or just about any other app on your device and you will find that the video won’t stop playing. It will continue streaming as good as it earlier was.

There’s more: The YouTube video will now support even the ‘true’ full screen viewing mode which is generally not available in the iOS version of the YouTube app.

It’s an easy breeze ploy: on pasting the YouTube video link, the video is embedded in HTML5 mode by the app and, since it’s an HTML5 version of the video the PIP controls are automatically available.

This trick works fabulous with all YouTube videos which support embedding with external websites.

Moreover, all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini support the PIP video mode. Though the picture in picture mode is not supported on Android, there is an array of apps that can put video in the foreground.