How-To Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Using Kodi -Complete Guide

Today’s tutorial is dedicated to all the Kodi/XMBC fans as this article will cover all the things users need to know about it from installation to plugins.

What is Kodi/XMBC?

Kodi/XMBC is one of the most popular home entertainment systems available and the good thing is that you can use all things for free.

By leaving all the hardware limitations of the original Xbox, XMBC (Xbox Media Center) has evolved with the time and got a new name i.e. Kodi

The thing everyone loves about Kodi is that it can be installed on different type of system from a cheap desktop or laptop to Raspberry Pi 2. You can even find lots of hack for an Apple TV2. Due this nature, Kodi is very popular among users.

Users can also buy dedicated Android sticks and media center boxes. If they don’t want to install and setup Kodi himself.

Without further delay why don’t you start reading about the thing on which this whole article is based, Let start with?

How to Install Kodi

Installation of Kodi totally depends on you and the hardware you choose to use. To make the installation simple Kodi can be installed on an old Windows PC, Mac and configure as a dedicated media center.

Installation of Kodi is very simple and similar in Windows and Mac. In this tutorial, we will show you the installation on Windows OS and is as follow:

You just need to head over to Kodi download page and download the Kodi installer for your particular machine of your choice. Once done with installations run the application

Note: When downloading the Kodi installer for your machine, make sure to write down the current version of Kodi for example “Isengard” or “Helix” which is visible at the top of download page. You need this later on to install Add-ons

Once Kodi is installed on your machine, the next thing you require is Add-ons or plug-ins to take full advantage of the content available. Basically Add-ons are just like application which you need to install on your Kodi. Once installed they will start doing thing they are programmed to do.

For Example, YouTube is a popular add-on that let watch all the YouTube videos right from Kodi

Like this there are lots of Kodi-add-ons available in different section which you can install to Kodi from different section which include Video, Pictures, Music, System, and Program.

How to Install Kodi Add-ons

Installing Add-ons to Kodi is very simple process and it can be done in two different one, one from a pre-setup repository, or two from a zip file which can be downloaded from the developer site.

Installing Add-ons from pre-setup repository such as SuperRepo is one of the popular methods used by lots of Kodi users. This method is useful because you can find all the best plug-ins on a list and can be installed automatically when selected.

Check out the steps to install SuperRepo repository:

  1. First of all click on System->File Managerkodi-install-01
  2. After that click on Add Sourcekodi-install-02
  3. Here you need to click on option which is “None” by defaultkodi-install-03
  4. Now add this URL:
  5. Head over to next box and type in the name SuperRepo and click ok kodi-install-04
  6. Come back and click on Setting. System->Settingskodi-install-05
  7. Select Add-ons and then here select Install from Zip filekodi-install-06
  8. From the list click on SuperRepokodi-install-07
  9. Now this step is important, here you need to select the version which you saved while installing Kodi from Installer i.e. Isengard or Helix.kodi-install-08
  10. Once select you need to choose “All” option from the list.
  11. At last click to install the Addons .

Now Go to home and click on video -> Addons , you can see Channel 1 installed. kodi-install

How to Enable and Install Add-ons from a Repository

After following the steps above its SuperRepo should be installed on Kodi. Now to install an add-ons/ plugin from SuperRepo. Follow these steps:

  1. Go back to System->Settings1
  2. On the left pane, select Add-ons2
  3. Here you need to select install from Repository3
  4. From the list of options Click on SuperRepo4
  5. Now select Video add-ons from options5
  6. Here you will see the list of plugin. You can select the one you want to install. For Example let install 1Channel.6
  7. Once you done installing the plugin, head over to Video->Video Add-ons6

May be you need to update some plugins as you’re using it for first time. But at this point you can search for movie or show which you want to stream, choose a server and enjoy.

That’s it! Now I am going to watch movie.7

Give try this tutorial and if you need any assistance let us know in the comments!