How to watch free live TV on VLC Player

VLC Player is, unquestionably, the most used media player software in the world. The media player supports a number of video and audio formats and offers some of the best audio and video settings.

Video Lan supports subtitles, multiple languages, multiple screen settings, custom playlist, et cetera.

Other than playing your favorite videos and audios, VLC can also stream live channels for you. If you don’t know how to use the feature, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

To use video streaming in VLC Media Player, you need to:

1. Open VLC Media Player


2. On the menu bar, click on Media


3. You will see an option Stream…, click on it to open Open Media mini-window


4. Now, click on the Network tab


5. You’ll now see a field labelled Please enter a network URL:, enter the link that you want to stream including RTSP links, YouTube links or some other


6. Once you’ve entered the link, click on the Stream button found at the bottom of the mini-window


7. You’ll be now redirected to another mini-window dubbed Stream Output


8. Source – The window will display the link and type of video found at the link, click on the Next button now


9.Destination Setup – Next tab will help you to select video format that you may want to view the video in, when complete hit Next button


10.Option Setup – The last tab will let you select some other options just before you start streaming, hit Stream button to start streaming a link in VLC


In this way, you can watch a number of TV channels and videos on other stream websites. To help you get started with VLC streaming, we’ve assembled a list of several RTSP links.

RTSP stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol.

Check out the list here:

  1. rtsp:// (AFTV Cartoon)
  2. rtsp:// (Cartoon Network)
  3. rtsp:// (Disney English)
  4. rtsp:// (ANIMAL PLANET)
  5. rtsp:// (Discovery Science)
  6. rtsp:// (Discovery Science 1)
  7. rtsp:// (Discovery Turbo)
  8. rtsp:// (Discovery Channel)
  9. rtsp:// (
  10. rtsp:// (Bloomberg)
  11. rtsp:// (FTV)
  12. rtsp:// (FTV 1)
  13. rtsp:// (TLC)
  14. rtsp:// (MTV)
  15. rtsp:// (Air Sports)
  16. rtsp:// (Bella Club)
  17. rtsp:// (CLUBBING TV)
  18. rtsp:// (CNBV TV)
  19. rtsp:// (Focus TV)
  20. rtsp:// (Hi TV)
  21. rtsp:// (Musik Box)
  22. rtsp:// (PDF)
  23. rtsp:// (Studio N)
  24. rtsp:// (UBC TV)
  25. rtsp:// (UCB)
  26. rtsp:// (Vissa TV)
  27. rtsp:// (Zing)
  28. rtsp:// (UTV Movies)
  29. rtsp:// (UTV Movies 1)
  30. rtsp:// (UTV Movies 2)
  31. rtsp:// (Channel V)
  32. rtsp:// (Channel V 1)
  33. rtsp:// (Indy Music)
  34. rtsp:// (Zoom TV 1)
  35. rtsp:// (Zoom TV)
  36. rtsp:// (BBC World)
  37. rtsp:// (Times Now)
  38. rtsp:// (Zoo Vision)
  39. rtsp:// (iMusic)
  40. rtsp:// (AFTV Crime)
  41. rtsp:// (AFTV Mystery)
  42. rtsp:// (AFTV Adventure)
  43. rtsp:// (AFTV Horror)
  44. rtsp:// (AFTV Comedy)
  45. rtsp:// (AFTV Classic)
  46. rtsp:// (Zee Classic)
  47. rtsp:// (Ten Sports)

This is the RTSP list for now. Stay tuned for more additions and updates!

Note: – Channel links are changed sometimes. So, if you aren’t able to watch your favorite channel via the link mentioned in the list try searching for it on Google.