How-To Use VPN to Secure your WiFi Hotspot


VPN,it stands for Virtual Private Network. Living in fear with your open Wi Fi hotspot as it can lead you in unending trouble. If you are using Wi Fi hotspot connection in the office, hotels, coffee shop and any other places with your laptop, android, or tablet, you always think of securing it from hackers. It is true that it is indeed tough to keep your data secured from being transmitted, if you are not using safety net for your internet connection. Go through some easy step to keep your data safe on open Wi Fi without password.

Using VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a good alternative to offer full security to your data by giving you your personal connectivity to open internet networks. This will keep your data or your activity safe from hackers. VPN can track all the outsourcing of traffic or IP address which is coming from that location. This important tool is indeed having numerous advantages in this digital world. Connecting with VPN means connecting with the safe hand which will not leak any important data of your ever. VPN is a most wanted tool these days as there is at every step hackers to spoil you and your privacy.
You can mask your IP address to hide your location as well. In a big corporate the use of VPN is very helpful in securing the data and your private media and pictures and all. It does smartly take all the connections and keep it secured so there will be no danger. Open connection of Wi Fi Hotspot can leak your smartphones or laptop or tablet private data so layering it with VPN is a permanent solution to keep your things at great safety level. VPN runs smoothly on the Mac, iOS, Android and Windows and downloading it is absolutely safe.

There is other alternative also to protect your Wi Fi hotspot but with my personal experience VPN is best among all. If you want to have smooth browsing then VPN is right thing for your mobile or laptop or tablet. There is option like Hotspot shield or ProXPN also to check around. They are also eligibly good in public wifi safety and will invite trouble with the open wifi without password.

How VPN is secured?

VPN is most versatile tool ever as it supports expansive range and there is no complication in setting it up. When you browse something or log in to the sensitive sites so you get connected through Web Browser. So it is more convenient to use and maintain your privacy and secrecy. Open VPN is based on SSL code and it is secured connection and free also. When you go for open VPN, you do not need to install a client if your device does not support it.

How to create or connect to your own VPN?

There are multiple platforms to support VPN. If you need to use it in your computer then using the VPN software built into Windows. But if your requirement is to connect multiple networks of computers altogether via VPN then in that case it is better to stick to install stand alone VPN server software. If you are looking forward to have connectivity for the site to site then considering dedicated VPN router will be eligible. For the public Wi Fi hotspots, if you are using VPN to secure the internet connection for this you can consider third party hosted VPN provider.

You can avail yourself other measures to stay safe with the open wi fi hotspots such as setting of computer network, you can turn off all the sharing, security browser extensions, continuous software updates apart from connecting to the hotspots by using VPN. As you know all sites and search engines does not offer SSL services to protect your files and data. It will be tough for the hackers to rack your activities once you have use of VPN in the open internet connections.


Final Words:

It is mandatory to stay protected from hackers as daily engagement on the web world is creating number of issues and getting over it has become indeed tough for all. So using excellent alternative like VPN tool is the best way to stay digital in safe manner. It is unnecessarily will not land you in trouble so kindly do not spare moment for the hackers to leak your data and other important files and documents whether you are home or traveling anywhere or in your office. So staying safe digitally should be your priority to stay productive.