How-To speed up your Android smartphone

TRICKS TO SPEED UP YOUR AndroidAndroid is the leading smartphone OS used throughout the world. Android OS has brought the smartphoning to a whole new level. At present, the market is flooding with millions of Android smartphone devices ranging from low-end devices to super-fast high-end smartphones.

Whether your device is a low-end budget Android smartphone or a super duper high-end flagship Android device, there is one imminent problem with all of them. After some time of usage, they start to fall-off from their original speed and performance.

No need to worry though, as it is not something that can’t have a solution. You only to require to keep your smartphone’s speed maintained. For the purpose, we have compiled some easy-to-follow tricks that will help you to revitalise your smartphone speed.

So, here is the list of 8 tricks to speed up your Android smartphone:


Risk Level – Zero  This is the most basic trick to speed up your Android smartphone. It may happen that your device might be experiencing some speed lag due to a long up-time (the time since it was switched on). Some of your app activities might have created small process called threads in the memory, which may no longer have no target but are still consuming your device’s resources especially, RAM and hence making it slow. Therefore, restart your Android smartphone to check whether it speeds up or not.


Risk Level – Low Restarting your Android device will erase all the data it has accumulated ever since it was turned on for the very first time. This implies that your device will be restored to its original state. The option is useful if some undetectable junk files are the reason behind your device’s falling speed. To reset your smartphone, simply head to Settings and under the PERSONAL tab, click on Backup & Reset Just follow the instructions to successfully reset your device.

Update your device software

Risk Level – Zero A software update fixes bugs and issues along with adding new features to your smartphone device. Therefore, you can always update your smartphone to make it more efficient, provided an update is available. To check for an available update go to Settings and under the SYSTEM tab click on the About phone option to check for the software update availability.

Install useful apps from Play Store

Risk Level – Low You can use some 3rd-party apps to speed up your device. To avail these apps, simply head to Play Store. You can use these apps :

1 Antivirus There might be a possibility that your device is slowing down due to a virus. Therefore, downloading an Antivirus app might help.
2. Startup Manager This app helps to put a stop on a number of useless applications from automatically starting up.
3. App Cache Cleaner This app helps to clean cache used by your apps.

Free-up some internal storage space
Risk Level – Low
There might be a possibility that low internal space might be causing your device to slow down. To resolve the issue, free up your internal storage by removing some apps.

Move your apps to SD card

Risk Level – Low If you’re having an SD card and you are still using your phone’s internal memory to store the apps, then you just might need to move all such apps to the SD card. To move an app that is already installed in your device’s internal storage, head to Settings and click on the Apps Click on the app that you wish to move to your SD card. Click on the Move to SD card option and the selected app will be moved to your SD card in no time.

Remove unused apps

Risk Level – Zero Every installed app keeps running some background processes. So, if you’ve installed some apps that you aren’t using at all; uninstalling them might just speed up your device. To uninstall an app, long press on the specific app. You will now see uninstall option at the top of the screen. Drag the app onto it to remove it from your device.


Risk Level – High Rooting your device is something that provides you full-control of your device by making you a Super User. However, you might proceed with caution if you’re going to root your device as a wrong move might make your device unusable and you might need to take it to a care centre. Though rooting is risky, it might be the best option to speed up your device if you completely know what you are doing.

Note:- Before proceeding with rooting, dig-up the Web for some important info. Follow these tricks to make your device run like a new one!