How to receive files in Google drive from anyone

A recruitment agency will be delighted to have a drop box where applicants can effortlessly upload their resumes to qualify for receiving job notification reports. Likewise, a freelancer might be interested in having a drop box facility to ensure his or her clients can easily upload job details within an easy-to-manage and secure facility. A school teacher would love to have a drop box where all students can easily upload their reports and assignments.

Google Forms might have been an ideal problem-solver in such an event but there is no provision of uploading files on Google Forms.

Another resort is to create a shared folder in Google Drive where anyone can upload files; but then, this measure does have its own limitations, thence making it out of context. One, such a shared folder can be accessed by only Gmail account holders.

Receive Files in Google Drive with Forms

There is another disadvantage or let me say, limitation, of using Google Drive for this purpose: a shared folder on Google Drive will permit all collaborators to view and remove stored files, and that is seriously invalid since we would expect an admin and limited-access type of facility in the shared folder.

Drive Form with File Uploads

Receive Files inside Google Drive using Forms

Here’s one simple way around

You can create a normal web form using CSS and HTML and then make use of Google Scripts for uploading the content inside the form in a folder stored on Google Drive.

Sneak a look of this regular simple form before we go on to implement the Google Script. The form will create a new folder corresponding to username upon its submission. The form will upload a file in the folder inside Google Drive.

The form is public and no Google Account is required by anyone to access it. Moreover, this form works perfectly even on mobile devices.

Click here to create a copy of this Google Script inside your Drive.

Receive Files in Google Drive with Forms

This is basically a vanilla form having a file upload button and some text fields. You can effortlessly apply your own CSS style to it by modifying the .html form file. Also, more text area fields and inputs can be included.

Select doGet from the Run menu to authorize the Google script. Remember that this script will require these permissions because users will upload files in your Google Drive account.

Next select Deploy as Web App option in the Publish menu, select Anyone and then hit the Deploy button. You can also select the Anonymous option if you want users to access the files anonymously.

Now onwards, the script will provide you the URL (link) of the form you created. The form is all ready to provide effortless file uploading feature on Google Drive.

The file upload script also has an advanced version that is far more competent.

It can be used to save responses in a Spreadsheet together with Drive links for the uploaded files. Form users are free to upload files of any capacity. Moreover, you can configure the forms to send you email notifications each time a user submits the form.

Note: If you don’t use Google Apps or Gmail, you can still accept files in Dropbox anonymously.