How to monitor your Website’s Uptime using Google Docs

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Effortlessly take charge of all your website activities and receive easy and prompt notifications through text SMS or instant mail any time your website or blog goes down. The best part is that you can monitor N number of websites using this app hosted on Google Servers.

How about getting an instant notification whenever your website goes down or inaccessible for users? Wouldn’t it be uber-cool to get these alerts through text messages on your smartphone or an instant email, or perhaps both?

The majority of web monitoring services are based on the “freemium model” – they offer free plans website uptime or downtime monitoring; however, you need to purchase premium service in case you wish to get notified about your website downtime through SMS alerts or instant email. Moreover, an upgrade to premium plan is also required in case you desire to monitor multiple websites.

Here’s how you can create your Web Uptime Monitor using Google service

You can effortlessly create your very own web uptime monitor that will be powered by Google servers and will send you quick emails and text messages whenever your website goes down or restores accessibility. All your website downtime logs are stored in a spreadsheet; however, you can also log them into your Google Analytics account.

How to set up website monitor

Here’s everything you’ll ever need to get started with your own website uptime monitor through Google service. All you need to do is a simple one-time setup and all your websites will be continuously monitored in the background, thence serving your cause without disturbing your other important tasks. Let’s go for it then:

Click here and copy this Google spreadsheet for effortless website monitoring to your Google Drive. Either of your Google Apps account or Gmail can be used to log into it.

Now navigate to the web monitoring menu (next to help) and select Configure. The sheet may require authorization on first set up or use.

List your website or blog URL and the email ID on which you intends to receive the alerts. Multiple addresses can be entered using a comma as separator.

How to monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs

How to monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs

Turn on (if you so desire) the “Get text messages” option to get notified through SMS on the mobile number associated with your Google Account.

Click Start to activate monitoring of your website by the Google spreadsheet in the background. You can now close the spreadsheet.

The downtime and uptime events logged in the spreadsheet can help you monitor and assess the performance of your website hosting service provider.

How Google Docs work to monitor your website

The entire work of monitoring the uptime of your website and saving the logs into Google Analytics or the Google Sheet is performed internally be an active Google Script.

The script is invoked once every few minutes to fetch your website data through a URLFetchApp, a Google-powered service that works similar to curl or wget. If the script receives any response code except 200, it implies that there’s some issue with your website; and concurrently, an email is sent to your associated email address.

Sending SMS Alerts via Google Sheets

The script makes use of Google Calendar to send instant text SMS to your registered mobile number. IT creates and SMS reminder that is set to expire in 30 seconds and, therefore, an instant SMS is sent to you.

Please note that the SMS Alert option is only available on Google for Work account.