How to Migrate to Gmail from Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail

How to Migrate to Gmail from Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail


Are you still using a old AOL e-mail account or an e-mail account provided by your ISP, now if you are using then it’s good  time to switch to G-mail.

Why to switch to G-mail ?

1. G-mail spam filters block 99% of the spam that usually makes it to your inbox.

2. You can create Word docs; PDF’s and spread sheets with G-mail via the use of  GoogleDocs.

3. All your emails are online which means that you access your emails from anywhere, not just one computer.

4. You can archive old emails or whole conversations so that you can keep your Inbox clear.

5. You can access your e-mail from anywhere mobile, tablet and PC.

Switching to G-mail is not too difficult; you have to just follow this tutorial. So to migrate your old e-mail to G-mail, just sign up for a free G-mail account, and follow the steps below:

Importing You Old E-Mail to G-Mail

Your old e-mail messages can be imported to G-mail. You can store all your old messages in G-mail for future purposes, while you will get new messages at your G-mail address.

Step 1: Just go to Settings >> ‘Accounts’, then under “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3),’ click “Add a POP3 mail account you own.’

migrate to Gmail 1

Step 2: Enter the e-mail address of that account which you are going to migrate.

magrate to gmail 2

Step 3: Enter the password for the e-mail account you are migrating, your old e-mail provider’s POP server name and port number. For example, AOL’s POP server is ‘’ and Comcast’s is ‘’ G-mail will enter these settings of known providers, but if you face any problems, then kindly contact your provider to make sure that all settings are correct.

migrate to Gmail 3

Step 4: Do changes on other import settings.

  • If you want to move your old e-mail messages to recycle bin, just after when G-mail imports them then tick the box.
  • We will recommend you to use SSL to check for new messages. It is more secure and it will protect you when you are using your G-mail account in public Wi-Fi networks.
  • If you tick ‘Label incoming messages’ then it will help you in finding your older messages easily.
  • Archiving incoming messages means deleting the messages available in your old e-mail.

Step 5: Click on the Add Account button.

Step 6: Click “Yes” if you will set up a custom From address for the account you have just added. Click “No” if you would not want to set up the custom From.

Step 7: Check the mail fetch history to make sure that all your messages are being imported or not. Go back to Settings >> Accounts, then under “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3),” click on “View history.”

It depends on how old e-mail address you are using, this process would not take stands for long duration, and the mail fetching history will help you in figuring the whole process that it is complete or not.

After the import process has been completed, you have to remove your account from G-mail. It would not affect if you leaved it enabled, but, if you got new messages in the upcoming time. If you want to delete it from G-mail, Just jump back to Settings >> Accounts, then under “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)” click on “delete”.

Importing Your Old Contacts to Your New E-mail Address

If you have a good number of contacts, then, you will have to export them to a CSV file, so you can import them to your G-mail account because they are important. After exporting your contacts to a CSV file, follow these easy steps:

Step 1:– Click on ‘G-mail’ on the upper-left corner, after that click on  ‘Contacts.’

Step 2:- Click on the ‘More’ button, and then select ‘Import.’ See in the image below and follow the numbers one by one

migrate to Gmail 4

Step 3:- Click on the ‘Choose file’ button and then go to the location of your CSV file, after then click on ‘Import.’

migrate to Gmail 5

When the import process will be finished, then G-mail will appear with a notification saying that your contacts have been important. Your contacts which were with photos or attachments might not get imported to G-mail. To be cautious, it would be good to print a copy of your old contacts to keep your contacts alive, either to a PDF file or to actual paper.

What to Do Just Before Deleting the Old E-mail Account

Overall, you are paying ISP for your old e-mail account; it would be good to keep it open for sometimes because you should sure that you have updated your all online accounts with your new G-mail account address. Few sites might send a verification message to your old e-mail address when you will be updating your all online accounts with your new e-mail address.

Also think about setting up an auto responder for some time for your contacts to know that you have switched your e-mail provider. That’s all.

We welcome you to G-mail, most used e-mail service. You can now use your e-mail with you when you want; there are no restrictions for using your e-mail.


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