How to make eBooks with Google Docs

EBooks are a fascinating concept altogether. Not just it controls chopping down of trees for paper industry but in fact contributes to the world economy. EBooks have millions of users around the world – and count up as a healthy channel for business to business communications.

People nowadays are more than willing to leave hard copies over EBooks that are convenient, cost-effective, lightweight and fun – even while you are on the go. Ever thought you can, too, make an EBook? And that, too, from Google Docs? Here it is, then.

This quick article by Geeker Magazine will help you master the skill of converting your Microsoft Word and Google Docs documents into ebooks with the ePUB file format that is widely supported by almost all leading digital ebook readers.

The Adobe ‘PDF’ is no doubt the most popular and used ebook format for portable documents; however, there is substantial reason behind why ebook fascinates prefer to go with the ePub format rather than the conventional PDF file format: PDF docs have a fixed layout having fixed page breaks while an ePub doc has a responsive layout due to which ePub documents are easily readable on devices across different screen size variants.

You can view an ePub documents on your desktop computer or on your Android device with Google Play Books application – and they will look just the same. Brilliant.

Moreover, since ePub docs are essentially HTML5 documents – their font family, text sizes, etc. can be effortlessly adjusted for superior reading experience.

How to create an ePUB eBook?

Adobe Stanza and Calibre are amongst the list of some highly prominent and heavily used apps to create ePub ebooks but, you can now create an ePub ebook effortlessly within your web browser using nothing but Google Docs itself.

All you need to do is write a doc in Google Document, or upload any Microsoft Word file to Google Drive, navigate to the File Menu and select “download as ePub publication”.

ePub files are readable on iPad, Nook and Google Play books. Amazon Kindle doesn’t support the ePub format but there’s an easy way to convert ePub into MOBI format that is supported by Kindle.

How to make eBooks with Google Docs

Please note that ePub files are readable on Google Playbooks, Nook and iPad; however, for an ebook to be accessible on Amazon Kindle a azw file format is required since it doesn’t support the ePub format.

The ePub file you generate using this method is easily readable across different device variants and specs, including Google Play books, Nook, iPad, and many, many more.

But then, for effortless reading, you can anytime upload the ePub document you created to the Google Books web site and access it any time and from just about anywhere. The ebook can be read within a web browser. Visit Google Books right away by clicking here to upload you ebook.

Click the upload file button, search your local computer for the ebook your created, select and click OK. However, please note that such files will be only visible to you and, therefore, if you wish to provide someone with the access to read/edit or read and edit – you may create a link of the file on the drive, assign read and write permissions, and share the link.