How to Embed Pictures from Google Photos into your Website

This easy tutorial will help you understand everything you forever wanted to know about embedding pictures directly from Google Photos onto your website or blog.

Google Photos is, by far, the most straightforward, secure and super-easy service that helps you back up your images to the cloud. No maximum storage limit means you can upload and secure any number of photos and, even videos, to Google Photos cloud storage. One of the most remarkable features of Goggle Photos is its Visual Search, which helps your effortlessly search your photos by people and things in them.

However, there’s still one aspect of the game where Google Photos is still missing a trick or two. You can easily create a link of your photos on the cloud and share it with your friends; however, Google Photos has not yet made a measure to help you embed an existing image to your blog or website. It means that if you upload an image onto the cloud using Google Photos, you can’t embed it directly to your website from Google Photos.

Embed Google Photos app for hosting images

A new cool app, dubbed Embed Google Photos, which justifies it name to good effect.  All you need to do is, pick any image you’ve hosted on Google Photos and directly put it on a web page using fundamental HTML code.

Here’re how to do it:

Navigate to and open the photo you intend to use on your website.

Click on the ‘Share’ Icon and then select ‘Get Link’ to create a shareable URL for that picture.

Open Google Photos and paste that URL in the space placeholder to generate an embed code for that image.

Now go to your website or blog template, paste the generated embed code and save the template. The image will now be directly fetched from your account on Google Photos.

How to Embed Images from Google Photos into your Website

How to Embed Images from Google Photos into your Website

Point to ponder: You can also use this method to embed images in HTML Mail without using any third-party image hosting service.

How Embed Google Photos works?

The app creates an unlisted link each time you share a picture using a link within your Google Photos account. The link thence create is accessible to everyone, including those users who’re not logged into their Google Account. The page behind the link is first downloaded by the app, which then extracts its OG (Open Graph) tags to assess the direct URL of the photo and the related album, too.

The embed app is restricted to a single image and doesn’t support photo albums. However, nothing clearly is known regarding the bandwidth usage on Google Photos, but with Google in picture that’s surely not the way to go about things.