How to embed Facebook videos in your web page

Like the popular video hosting service YouTube, Facebook now permits us to effortlessly embed videos into webpages outside blue, behemoth social network. It implies that you can now easily post a Facebook video to your blog or website without having the need to redirect your visitors to fb.

However, there are two crucial points you need to ponder upon. First, you can only embed images that have been posted as public by the uploader. Though fb does offer you the embed code for “private videos” that have been shared with you, they won’t run on your website, neither your network can play them.

How do I embed a video from Facebook onto a website?

The other issue is that Facebook still uses the Adobe Flash player to embed videos when your website is viewed on a desktop. It, by default, is modified to the HTML5 file format on smart-mobile devices; having said that, just in event someone is viewing your website from a desktop or laptop, they would need the Shockwave Flash plugin enabled to view your embedded videos.

Here’s how to embed Facebook videos to your web pages

To begin with, use Graph Search to find a video on fb. Type your query in fb search box, for instance best soccer videos uploaded by me, or liked by my fb friends, or videos uploaded by friends of my friends.

Now play the video in a lightbox pop-up by clicking on its video thumbnail.

Below you can see a video embed from Facebook for illustration work. Simple use the embed video option from the tally of drop-down items menu that appears on mouse-hovering the Options menu.

Facebook will then generate an embed code that you can simply copy paste to your website or blog. Kindly note that you must be logged in to fb for it to generate the code.

Embedded Videos - Social Plugins - Facebook Developers

This way you get responsive embed videos that occupy the whole width of their parent div. So just in case you think of limiting the width of the embedded video in order to facilitate easy text wrap around it, you can follow the snippet given below and modify the “.fb-video class”.