How-to Disable the Windows 10 Upgrade Automatically

How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade AutomaticallyAre you looking for secure way to disable the Windows 10 Upgrade Automatically

Few days back software giant released the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 10 which comes with lots of cool new features including new Start Menu, Cortana support, new edge browser and lots more. The good news is that users are completely satisfied with this new operating system. According to Microsoft, more than 200 million users running Windows 8 and Windows 7 has successfully upgraded to Windows 10

On the other hand, software giant managed to irritate people with Windows 10. As there are users who love the current version of Windows running on their machine i.e. Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 and don’t want Windows 10 upgrade. But these users noticed that Windows 10 installation files are automatically downloaded on the system without their permission. If this also happened to you, then you can easily remove Windows 10 and retain your hard drive space and control.

According to statement provided by Microsoft to The Register i.e.

“For those who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help customers prepare their devices for Windows 10 by downloading the files necessary for future installation. This result in a better upgrade experience and ensures the customer’s device has the latest software.”

May be Microsoft is not installing Windows 10 without permission of the people, but they helping their upgradable device get ready for Windows 10 upgrade by downloading the file which is required to decide whether they want the upgrade or not.

No doubt you can avoid this upgrade by disabling Automatic Updates in Windows 8 and Windows 7, but this means that users will also miss the important security updates which they release.

But if you’re lucky enough to avoid the unwanted arrival of Windows 10 installation till now, then there is good news that you can prevent your system from this forced Windows 10 upgrade which is pushed by Microsoft.

How To Geek is come up with a better solution under which you need to edit the registry and block the particular download for your system. Here is how to do it:

Steps One:

You can start with patching Windows Update client which you can download from Microsoft official website for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Grab the Files for:

Step Two:

Launch registry editor by pressing a Window key and R -> type regedit in run Window and hit enter. When UAC screen pop up click Yes. You can also launch the registry editor using the Start Menu search option.

Now you need to head over to the following key:


Here you need to create the WindowsUpdate key which is on the left side of the registry editor, which can be done just by making a right click on the Windows node.

After that, you need to create a new key and then create a new 32-bit DWORD named as DisableOSUpgrade on the right side and give it a value 1.

And you’re done.

In case you’re not technical and don’t want to get yourself into registry editor you can grab the registry hack file, extract it and double click to install the file.

Also, don’t forget to reboot your system, after doing this registry hack

Note: After following the upcoming hack, you will not be able to upgrade your current operating system to Windows 10 in future until you remove the registry key.

 Alternate option: Set Window Update Not to Download Anything

In case, if you’ve set Windows Update setting to notify you, but don’t download anything, Microsoft will not provide you the update.

Note: But doing this is not a good practice for security reason and we don’t suggest you to do this, until you have metered connection and the bandwidth required to download updates.

What you can do is head over to Windows Update and Click on Change settings and click on the drop-down and selection “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them”

Note: If you choose to do so, don’t forget to keep up with installing updates.