How to delete useless photos from Whatsapp easily

Whatsapp is certainly the most space consuming app on your smartphone. We all have lots and lots of Whatsapp crazy friends and relatives who never really miss out on forwarding to us every single picture, meme, cartoon, quote, etc. the receive from their network. As a result, over time, Whatsapp and pictures received through it tends to gorge over our memory space on smartphones.

And then there are many who consider it as their responsibility to wake us up with good morning and pictures of chirping birds, sunrise, motivation, etc. And then again it’s a vicious circle that goes on and on from good morning to a fine day good night messages, stickers, memes, etc. we keep on receiving all night long.


And adding salt to injury, the biggest concern or dilemma is that we cannot really block or remove such contacts from our lists since the bulk of these unwanted pictures and memes and everything come from our friends, relatives or other close acquaintance. Conclusively, blocking them will be certainly look rude and wrong thing.

How to Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically

Though you can, for sure, mute a person or a group on Whatsapp but it, again, won’t resolve the issue we have in context since the images will still be downloaded on your device and will take up a fair bit of space to mess things up. It clearly means, over time, you’ll run out of space to store the things that matter, the things you love. It will even make it dreadfully tough for you to find your important pics amidst the crowd.

In such event the best resort you have is to go to file manager or photo gallery app on your Android, select all unwanted images and delete them manually to get ridHow to Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically of the junk. However, there’s again a bit of risk involved here since Whatsapp does not differentiate between useful and unwanted images; all images received are stored on your device randomly, and therefore, there’s big risk of important files being deleted in the bargain.

So, here’s a quick and easy alternate

A group of Ex-Adobe professionals in India have recently launched an app dubbed Magic Cleaner under their startup named Siftr. The app is seriously handy and helps you delete unwanted images on Whatsapp at once and in an instant. The app runs a scan on your device to collar up all unwanted images, including meme, cartoons, overlay text images, etc. You are then provided with an option to delete all files permanently from your system.

Now, if you’re wonder about how the app actually works, let me tell you.

To understand this, remind Cloud Vision, yes.., the prominent Google API for image recognition. Likewise, Siftr has developed its own image recognition engine that scan each file separately to decide whether it’s a potential junk or not. However, to use Magic Cleaner you need to have an active internet connectivity since the processing of images is done on Siftr servers and not on your device locally. However, you need not worry about data consumption since it just takes a small hash from your image and compares it with the vast image library hosted on Siftr server, therefore the data consumption is not an issue.

I scanned my device having some 3000 odd pictures and it cleaned them up in just 10 seconds, briskly fast – isin’t it?

Only limitation

Using the standard version of the app, you can only delete a limited number of pictures in a day. To remove more images you will need to invite a friend to use Magic Cleaner, or wait for a day.

The iOS version of Magic Cleaner is on the cards, and shall arrive before long. Stay tuned.