How to create YouTube playlists without logging in

YouTube Playlists is a dedicated provision that helps in chipping videos together so that users can make easier decisions, asort favorite videos out, string them together – and save the playlist for later use. YouTube Playlists comes handy in keeping Channels organized and tidy-looking. A playlist or a group of playlists can also be used to create different sections to keep YouTube well organized.

This tutorial by Geeker Magazine will help you learn how to effortlessly create a YouTube Playlist of all your first-choice videos with actually logging into YouTube through your Google Account.

What is your preferred mode of sharing a Youtube videos collection on the social media or in a mailing newsletter? The best resort to it is by creating a new playlist of YouTube videos and the you can share the URL (Link) of that playlist with your friends and family.

Create YouTube Playlists without Logging In

To hide your video playlist from search engines, you can anytime set the playlist privacy to Unlisted, and the Google spiders won’t crawl it.

Creating video playlists in YouTube is no rocket science but the only concern is that such playlists are always linked to your Google Account or, the YouTube Channel. There’s no provision in YouTube to create a playlist while staying anonymous, i.e. without logging in to a Google Account.

However, there is a straightforward URL trick to sort of hack YouTube by creating “Virtual” playlists. The work like regular YouTube Playlists; the only thing is that they are not linked to any Google Account. Moreover, you can readily add or remove videos from it at any time and from just about anywhere.

Create YouTube Playlists on the go

Every video on YouTube has an associated unique ID. Here’s what you need to do: build a concatenated list of these IDs, separated by a comma, to compile a YouTube playlist with all corresponding videos.

For example, here we have a list of five YouTube videos (with corresponding video IDs given in Red) that we will be adding to a YouTube playlist – the playlist that is not associated with any Google or YouTube account.

All I have to do is take the video IDs and put them in the URL below:


All I need to do is copy all these video IDs and paste them in the link given blow:,ID2,ID3,ID4…

Therefore, a playlist for my selections will be available at:

This will work just like any other YouTube Playlist – available for sharing to anyone, and others may even embed it or export it to their personal Google Account.