How to create a bookmark to quickly restart Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a big memory buster and this statement, I’m sure, won’t leave many of us stumped. Just launch a new Chrome tab and our system starts running out of breath. The de facto thumb rule to improve Chrome performance is to remove unwanted add-ons, plug-ins and extensions and then give your browser a restart to reclaim some memory. Well, that’s certainly the most used conventional method.

But having said that, how do you actually restart Chrome: close the browser program and launch it again by clicking its shortcut icon on desktop, quick launch bar or in the program files. However, there’s a special URL too in Google Chrome that you can use to restart the browser from within the address bar itself.

Make a Bookmark to Quickly Restart Google Chrome

Make a Bookmark to Quickly Restart Google Chrome

Simply navigate to Chrome’s address bar, type ://restart and then press Enter. Voila, it’s as easy as that. The browser will now take a restart by itself.

How to make Google Chrome restart bookmark

If you restart Google Chrome often then creating a bookmark will, for sure, be your best bet as it will allow you to restart Google Chrome browser from within the browser with just a couple of clicks.

Here’s how to do it

Press CMD+D (Mac) and Ctrl+D (Windows) to add third page as a bookmark in your browser. Now click the edit button given at the bookmark screen, type Chrome://restart in the address bar and hit Save to create a bookmark to restart Chrome.

That is it. Enter Chrome://Chromeurls in the browser address bar on your Google Chrome to check internal pages that you can easily view using these special URLs.