How to get a report of all bounced email messages on Gmail

Have you ever got an email shouting ‘mailer daemon’? Yes, most of us come across one like that every now and again. The emails we send may at times, due to reasons more than one, bounce back – means they are not delivered to your desired recipient. In this article, we will discuss on how you can get a detailed report of all your emails that failed to deliver and bounced back.

At times, some of the mail messages we send by Gmail fail to be delivered to our desired recipient. There can be quite a few reasons behind that, like there may well be some issue with the email address or account settings of your intended receiver, their mail box might be full and not available to receive any more emails, or chances are that the email server of your intended receiver might be blocking your email in particularly because of spam or something in the content of your message.

How to get a report of all bounced email messages on Gmail

A bounce back notice is sent to you by each time your email fails to be delivered to any email address you attempted and the message contains complete precise information, together with the SMTO error code, on why your email bounced back. For example, the 550 error code points that the email address you tried to connect to, does not exist, while the 554 error code implies that your email was marked as spam by the email server of your prospective receiver.

How to generate a list of all emails that bounced back

It is highly imperative for you to keep a check on all the emails that jumped back on you and remove all such email addresses from your email address list since they can certainly impact your future correspondence by affecting your sending reputation.  Though Mail Merge keeps a check on all your undelivered email messages and you can easily use it for complete understanding, in case you haven’t started using Mail Merge yet: here is a simple way around: a straightforward Google script developed to provide you a comprehensive list of all emails you attempted sending but they bounced back. The report is provided in an excel spreadsheet. The script has been developed by an Indian developer.

Get going in a few simple steps:

  • Go to
  • Copy the spreadsheet
  • Now click on Gmail Menu next to Help, and select Bounce Report
  • The script will prompt you to allow permission for accessing your Gmail account, allow
  • Well, that is it- sit back, relax and watch the sheet generate a list of all bounced back email addresses

The sheet makes use of an open-source Script and, rest assured, it is completely secure to use – the Google scripts does not share even 1kb of your data or information with anyone.

The spreadsheet with the records of bounced emails provides all vital information about the bounce, including the reason behind the bounce back, bounce back message as well as a direct link to the bounce message you received received from