How to Fix “Accessibility Link Library” Errors

Accessibility Link Error

Before going deep into Accessibility Link Library Errors it would be necessary to have some idea about Accessibility Link Library files at first.

Accessibility Link Library

“Accessibility Link Library” files are quite similar to executable files and allow multi application sharing of particular functions which they are meant for. Errors caused by these files result in the malfunction or failure of certain actions or functions.

But there is nothing to worry much if you are faced with this error as they problem is easily solvable. You can take the following steps to fix it.

Getting a compatible version: The file cannot be loaded because of its incompatibility with numerous other programs that also require it to function properly. Therefore a new copy of the file can be downloaded from a trustworthy source and replaced with the old incompatible one which is of no use any more.

Registering the file through manual process: Registration failure is another recurrent issue as experienced by many user. However it can be registered back with little efforts. To do this go to the command prompt and type “regsvr32/uAccessibility.dll” and press the enter button. The command will unregister the existing DLL file. Next type regsvr32/IAccessibility.dll and hit enter switch to register it anew. This can help you fix up your problem as found out in cases like this.

System Restore: Often it so happens that a newly installed program hinders other applications to access and use the DLL file because of incompatibility issues. This can be resolved by making use of the System Restore tool as it negates any recently added software or programs and takes the system back to its previous state when the software or the program was not yet installed. To do that type “rstrui.exe” in the search box and press enter. It allows you to determine the restore point where you wish to go back to. Hold on till the process is through. Do as directed by the system and finally restart. Check whether the problem is fixed.

Driver updation: Old and outmoded drivers can give rise to incompatibility issues resulting in errors. So it is wise to have your driver updated. If faced with such issues get the latest driver for each of your hardware and install them to solve driver related errors. Doing so often resolves such problems.

Having system scan for viruses and malicious programs: Some of the viruses and malwares are having the potential for creating problems associated to Accessibility files. They can duplicate any specific file and can pretend to be the original one causing inevitable errors. Having the entire system thoroughly scanned can help in fixing the issue.

Reinstalling Windows : This is the ultimate option that you can choose because it will definitely solve your DLL specific problems. But it can be applied as the last resort when all other methods fail. Because if you go for this step you will have to bear with additional botherations associated to it such as backing up the files and folders and all that and reinstalling the other application software that existed in your system requiring a whole lot of time and botheration.

Therefore it is quite clear from the discussion that “Accessibility Link Library Error” is such an issue which cannot be solved within a short span of time and effort. Rather it is all about proceeding through trial and error basis and looking for where in the problem lies. You may have to go till the ultimate step or it can be resolved at the very first stage if you are fortunate enough.