Falsehood of Knowledgeable Costumes and Geek Issues

We have already discussed about geek and nerd in brief in real life where another topic has become trending matter in county side about Fake costume and impact on society. Comic characters are become more responsible in western culture but how many of bear the virtue of a comic character? I rationalize that only a few people tries to ruin this costume culture and the rest of us just ignore it.

Knowledgeable Costumes and Geek Issues

Falsehood of Knowledgeable Costumes and Geek Issues
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Here the question arises that how are costumes in any way related to comics knowledge perfectly? Indirectly we can say that how are skimpy costumes related to comics knowledge for present and future generation? Here another thing I want to say that if these women who cosplay want to be seen in their comic costume and therefore want the attention from on lookers? I can not explain for this imagined fantasy in real life that women who cosplay for attention cannot be actual geeks or nerds. But one thing I can accept that the accusation of being “fake” stings like Sulphuric acid(dill or concentrated) because of the underlying message says that we are not knowledgeable enough to read to enjoy the comic characters. Especially if we are wearing a costume which has seen as provocative or revealing for common on lookers. Easily I want to term that who wears such too busy looking like a slut which can’t possibly have read all the issues of related to the costume. I am sure that I can’t form a sensible relationship between skin and stupidity in real life or any geek life, because these two things operate on completely different angles. Expert on social issues says that nothing seems more damaging to a woman than the simultaneous attack on both her body and her brain in public appearance.

Imposters influence on society:

I have already mentioned that how the fake costume holders threat to society which is more than just insulting as it is actually taps into some deeper feelings stemming from accumulated negative experiences on their real lives. If some of these geeks (man & women) in question of being fake but no reply will come except some shit words. Suppose, there are people out there conning us and putting on a guise by attempting to pass as one of us for such fake geeks. Actually the imposter, who represents a small fraction of our society, seem to have grabbed so much focus and power in normal life. Perhaps we are enraged by the “fake geek”(man & women) accusation in the first place in proper ways because we find imposters to be very threatening to common society. We have tried to find out some reasons such the imposters can be threatened by inauthentic members from common society.

1. Limited resources create false notion:

Our growing factors hit many of us to become experienced with our fandoms in the context of super collections,instant acquisitions and serialized products from society. But the notion of an imposter or someone who does not truly care about the personal meaning and value of the items of lives as he/she is threatening to us because they may take from our precious and vulnerable pot of Knowledge.

2. Complete or partial misinterpreted sense of ownership:

It is sure that we all are belonged to a community as we develop a sense of deserved ownership on any product or issue. Suppose,I was received fan club cards and membership letters to inform me that I belonged to a particular club and reinforcing the exclusivity of the group in very early age. Similarly, now I am a matured and practising email communication or Facebook or twitter group conversation to rectify the notion that belonging to a group or matured minds. But the imposters always create propaganda about falsehood.

3. Redoubles of the changing cultural thoughts:

There are thousands of us grew up hiding our geek identity for one reason or another in common society. It was happened due to feeling insecure from parents side or self side. So, some of us hid or masked own identities as geeks well until adulthood or latter.

Final thoughts from author:

We always or some time bear the feelings of being threatened or invalidated by the imposters which can be overlooked and may be happened to any one of us in the common’s community. As per the psychology experts argue that when the threats are ambiguous or subtle, they can be more damaging in normal life because there is no certainty and the assault is denied or ignored from common people. I can say it in other words that we have got to stop being exclusive in the society where we live. Every one has at one point or another such experienced bullying, the invisibility, the insult,the attack, or the violation towards the society.So, it is the human condition from beginning to till date. But my seriousness pulls these abilities from the dark to awful places of common lives with large storage of resources.