Evergreen SEO factors for Online Business Success

Search Engine optimization (SEO) may be  one of the highest discussed terms for website administrators, developers, and marketers. As a business owner, every one certainly wish for a high ranking on Google. In order to fulfil this wish, it needs to put a lot of hard work to make a SEO campaign successful you need to monitor certain metrics on a regular basis.

Evergreen SEO factors for Online Business Success

There are six most important SEO metrics and we shall let you know what they are in the following discussion. In case, you are unable to do the tracking yourself, you can contact a good SEO Company India or any where to help you with this.

Successful SEO Techniques with Six SEO Metrics

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1. Keyword Ranking – What it takes to obtain a good raking on search engine? Majority will answer keywords. But, let me tell you that this is not the only thing that results into a decent rank. It is fine that you have picked up a few keywords and they are making your website very much visible, but the important thing is whether that visibility is getting you high numbers of conversion and good revenue. An effective search engine optimisation plan laying emphasis on various other factors like, quality and relevant content and uncluttered landing pages is something that can assure you success. Execute the plan keeping in view your conversion goals and profit margins.

2. Traffic Bounce rate – This is one metric that many neglect and the result of the negligence cost them very badly at the end. If your keywords are ranking high and your pages are experiencing low bounce rates, all is well. In case, the keywords are ranking high, but pages seem to have a high bounce rate, all is certainly not well. It may mean that you are wasting time on wrong keywords and your site content is not up-to-the-mark. If this is the case, make sure that you devote considerable amount of time on right keyword selection. At the same time, see to it that your site content is perfectly optimised with relevant keywords. I suggest including keywords in headlines and sub-titles. Also, try to shift focus on long-tail keywords that generate better results. Long-tail keywords are favoured by Google.

3. Unique/Organic Traffic – Does your SEO campaign aim for driving organic traffic? If not, make it a part of your plan without delay. This metric has the ability to get you good conversions and profits. In order to increase organic traffic, you need to ensure that your site content is high quality. Content is the decisive factor for high organic traffic. The right selection of keywords is not enough to fetch maximum organic traffic. When you are writing content, keep in mind to make your content informative, error-free, unique, easy-to-read and promotional, but not at all instructive. You can hire an experienced and efficient web content writer to produce perfect content for your website. He or she must be adept in writing SEO articles. Contact a good SEO Company India for hiring proficient writers.

4. Website Direct Traffic – Another SEO metric that does not guarantee conversions is high website traffic. There are several businesses that offer the same products or services as you do. So, what is it that will distinguish you from others? You need to put in your best efforts for holding the attention of visitors on landing pages. So, make sure that the landing pages are properly designed and filled with relevant and informative content. You may consider using Google Analytics that offer valuable information like,

  • Where from maximum visitors come to your website
  • How long visitors stay on your website
  • What do visitors seek to know on your website

So, isn’t it a powerful tool to give your SEO campaign a boost? Using this tool will help you to select bang on keywords.

5. Audience Conversion – There is only one goal behind all advertising campaigns and it is conversion and profit. If decent conversion rates are eluding you despite good ranking and high website traffic, it may be the fact that you are not bidding for the right keywords. It may also mean that your website does not provide relevant content to visitors. A PPC campaign is successful only when the conversion rates are high. Make sure that

  • You choose keywords that are effective, competitive and relevant to your business.
  • Landing pages must be well-designed and feature content that has relevancy with the landing page URLs.
  • Your website content must be relevant, informative and easy-to-read.
  • Do not forget to include call-to-action to get customer feedback.

When you are successful in achieving better conversion rates, it is important to monitor this SEO metric for best results. Constant evaluation may give rise to new scopes for improvement.

6. ROI/Profit – The last but not the least and the most important SEO metric is profit. There is no point in executing a SEO campaign if it fails to bring satisfactory revenue at the end. You have to make specific changes and in order to do so; you require paying attention to various factors, such as

  • Your conversion goals
  • Your profit margins
  • A strong digital marketing campaign

Keep on tracking the above-mentioned SEO metrics on a regular basis to earn hefty revenue that will make you ecstatic and your competitors green with envy! Dedicate a significant amount of time to chalk out a well-thought out search engine optimisation strategy and see the difference in results. It is worth mentioning that you should not expect a massive difference in a fortnight. You will have to hold patience to see positive changes. Within a month or so, you can look forward to something optimistic.

Editor’s Note:
So, now when you have acquired knowledge about the six key SEO metrics, you must promise to keep track of them on a regular basis. The tracking job is not that difficult if you possess a strong knowledge in search engine optimization. But, if you lack the knowhow, you can consult a reputed SEO Company that will handle the task efficiently and help you with a striking upturn in ranking, website traffic, conversion rates and revenue. In case of suggestion or free audit readers can contact the author!