Edit the text and images of your pdf file in the browser

How do you work around when you need to make some changes in the text or perhaps change any image in a PDF document? Well the most common route is to search for the source file, which may be an MS Word or MS Excel File, from which the pdf file was generated – then make the required changes in the original (Word or Excel) file – and, then again export (save) it to the pdf portable document format file. Isn’t it?

This is the finest resort since it will ensure the layout and formatting of the document are not distorted in the exported pdf file – and, the best part, you won’t actually feel the need for an external specialized pdf editor like Adobe Acrobat.

Edit the text and images of your pdf file in the browser

But then, what if you do not have access to the original source file from which the pdf document was generated. Need not worry – as you can still make changes to the pdf file in your web browser by using the free Word application.

For a pdf document that consists of mainly text and simple layouts, Word app is beyond doubt one of the most efficient as user-friendly tool that can help you manipulate the images and texts in your pdf file.

Edit the text and images of your pdf file in the browser

However, please note that the Word app is not quite efficient at handling pdf documents that comprise of heavy images and charts or have complex layouts.

Edit PDF Files with Word Online

Given below is a step-by-step guide to help you learn the ropes around editing the content of a pdf document inside a browser using the Word app for the web.

  • Visit www.onedrive.com and sign in to your MS account. You may sign up for a new account in case you don’t have one. While you are within your account, simple drag and drop a pdf document from your computer to within the OneDrive website to upload it.
  • Once the document has been uploaded, double click on it to open it inside the Word app online. Please note that it is a pdf document and it is not editable as of here.
  • Click on the given Edit in Word option and you will see the file open in Word online. Remember it may ask for permission to convert the pdf file into word prior to opening, do as prompted – need not worry, the file is converted as a copy so your original pdf file won’t vanish.
  • Once the pdf doc is converted into word file, click on the Edit button to open the new document in the Word online app and start editing.
  • Since the pdf doc is now being editing as a core Word file, you can easily edit and manipulate it the way you fancy. You can change the logo, apply different formatting, add tables, modify the text and do a lot more. One you’re done, simply choose Save As and select pdf from the File Menu to save it to a pdf document.

Moreover, just like Google Docs, Word Online is completely free to use and no MS Office 365 subscription is required to use it, nor do you need to any office application or MS Office suite on your system to make changes to a pdf document.

The only issue is of the layout of images and paragraphs or tables in the document are lost, so you will be required to do that bit of work again.