Easily unsubscribe from all Linkedin emails

Linked in, the de facto social network for professions the world over, has long been experimenting with new things in order to compete rival social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Not long ago it introduced the freelancing platform for professionals to hire or get hired for an array of specialized tasks. But, despite its hard toil, the professional social network has actually failed to gather that all-important momentum that can help it stamp its dominance.

For those who use LinkedIn a lot, one complain is pretty obvious: the social network sends just too many mail notifications and their service has somewhat made it too tough for you to opt out of receiving these emails. However, here’s an easy way to get rid of these email notifications forever.

Linkedin, of late, has been mulling over reinventing itself a full-spectrum social network for professions and, for the sake of portion of their business-only features, they have started pushing surplus email notifications towards the inbox of LinkedIn users.

Whether someone got a new job, or made a switch – no matter it is your colleague’s birthday or someone you might know has jumped aboard on LinkedIn, every single information will be right there in your inbox. The number of these emails is, at times, so much that a user might actually go on to miss useful mails in all this stuffed, forced junk.

And the worst part of it is that they do not offer any one click provision that you can click and get yourself unsubscribed from their emailing list to stop receiving all such notifications.

Easily Unsubscribe from all LinkedIn Emails

In case you have to unsubscribe from their email list, as per the provision they provide, you will need to go through a long tail of selecting some 20 drop down menu options to relieve yourself from every single type of mail they might send.

However, here is a quick workaround to do it in one go. The solution is a bookmarklet that has been authored by @chengyin [via @webaficionado].

LinkedIn Unsubscribe

Navigate to Bookmark Manager in your browser, then right click on it to select add new bookmark. Give it any name (say LinkedIn) and in place of Location or URL, copy-paste the code given below. Without Quotes:


Head to the email setting pane in your LinkedIn account and click on the bookmarklet URL in the address. It will modify the mail frequency settings to “no email” thus safeguarding your inbox from all the clutter from LinkedIn.

In its core, a series of JS commands is executed by the bookmarklet for automatically selecting the “no email” option from the drop down menus and then it clicks on the Submit button to save the changes. Look below for some handy bookmarklet.

  • $(‘.settings li select:has(option[value=never])’).val(‘never’);
  • $(‘.settings li select:has(option[value=WEB])’).val(‘WEB’);
  • $(‘.settings li select:has(option[value=NEVER])’).val(‘NEVER’);
  • $(‘.settings li select:has(option[value=NONE])’).val(‘NONE’);
  • $(‘.settings li select:has(option[value=false])’).val(‘false’);
  • $(‘input[type=submit]’).prop(‘disabled’, false).click();